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Surrey, BC – The recent wave of terrorist acts across the globe perpetrated by Islamic extremists and the way how the world is responding to it has instilled an increased sense of tension, fear, and uncertainty both locally and globally. The world cannot and will not end terrorism by simply attempting to eliminate the concerned terrorist groups: terrorism is only a symptom of a problem.

We can end the concerned terrorist acts only by addressing the root cause of the underlying problem. For this, the recent terrorist attacks have provided us with a great opportunity to begin a meaningful conciliatory process. It can take the form of a series of discussions led by the United Nations or any other party mutually acceptable to the conflicting groups.

It is, no doubt, important to first understand what may have led to the underlying problem in the past. However, the primary focus in such a conciliatory process should be on the present and future, and not the past. After all, it is the spiral of acts of vendetta and vengeance that has brought the world to what it is today. Under any event, this cannot go on for ever. The ever-strengthening of the intensity and destructive capacity of war weapons will inevitably either annihilate humanity or, in the best possible scenario, return humanity to the Stone Age.

We humans will always remain diverse and complex with all our racial, ethnic, religious, linguistic, cultural, ideological, and other differences. Despite such diversity, we only have one planet to live on. Thus, it is a necessity, and not a choice, to share its resources in an equitable manner, caring for each other’s needs. This is possible only if we learn to treat the wellbeing and happiness of all humans just as one’s own, irrespective of any of the said differences.

Under any event, state terror is NOT the answer to ongoing suicide attacks. It only creates more terrorists. We need to change the way we deal with terrorism from mere acts of vengeance and despair to those of mutual understanding, respect, and reconciliation. This, in turn, will change the present world of tension, fear, and uncertainty to one of relief, resilience and durable peace. There is no better time than NOW to begin this process of change.

  • May everyone care for the needs of others and share what is available in a more equitable manner!
  • May no one take vengeance for past wrongs of others!
  • May everyone always act responsibly in a trustworthy and reliable manner!
  • May everyone appreciate the wellbeing and happiness of all humans, just as one’s own – irrespective of any identifiable differences!

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