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Gastown hosted its semi annual Shop Hop event

Gastown hosted its semi annual Shop Hop event

On a beautiful fall day, Gastown was flying high with black and white balloons lining the streets marking participating stores at the semi-annual Gastown Shop Hop event, on October 20th.


Gastown stores flying high with black and white balloon marking their participation in the Gastown Shop Hop event. (Photo courtesy o f: Azi Kojouri)

The Gastown Shop Hop event is held twice a year in the Fall and in the Spring.

Gastown’s premier boutiques hosted the event, celebrating fall fashion with food catered from small restaurants, DJs and stores offering promotions.

At the Gastown Shop Hop event stores offered promotions. (Photo courtesy of :Azi Kojouri)

At the Gastown Shop Hop event stores offered promotions. (Photo courtesy of :Azi Kojouri)

“For tonight we offer 10 percent off all clothes and shoes but few things are exempt,” said Karyna Sehultz, Manager and Creative Director, at Neighbour/Woman.

This event was a great fit for Gastown, which is one of the most stylish neighbourhoods in the world.

Each season the style savvy go to Gastown for the latest looks, finding unique designs for both men and woman. Stores provide exclusive labels and local designers, making it a one of a kind shopping experience for customers. What makes Gastown so special is the fact that boutiques are independently owned and therefore they can offer a lot of customization. You can therefore own clothes or other items found nowhere else in the world.

“We make our own, we actually are the only custom maker frames in Canada. We have two versions, you can get our made to measure collection or our next which is our most revered option where we can make whatever you like in terms of ideas. Anything you can think of, we can make it,” said Sara Moshurchak, Head Honcho, at another participating store, Eyeland Framemakers.

Eyeland Framemakers is the only store in Canada, providing custom made glasses. (Photo courtesy of: Azi Kojouri)

Eyeland Framemakers is the only store in Canada, providing custom made glasses. (Photo courtesy of: Azi Kojouri)

Moshurchak said, a pair of glasses is in the works for a lady who is a dog groomer. She said they are using the shaved fur from her dog to make the frames of the glasses, which is pressed into the material. Another interesting pair of glasses being made is a pair of glasses with flies pressed into the frames. They also make frames made out of leather.

Neighbour/Woman was another store, offering one of a kind clothing.

“The things we bring in are mostly European and we try to focus on more quality over what’s trending and bring things that nobody else has and nobody’s really seen. We don’t have our own lines. Most places have North American lines but we try to bring in different things people don’t have which are mainly European,” said Sehultz.

Retailers were open until 9pm for only one night, to display the latest looks for the stylish from accessories, eyes, shoes to everything in-between. It was a chance to socialize and to be creative.

“Most of the stores participate for good exposure and are open till 9. Some people have nice studios in the back and can show what they do. We usually launch our new collections in the spring and in the fall in preparation for the season. We have special collections and we use fall and winter to launch them. We can show customers our new collection which is out. It is a little bit of an open house as well,” said Moshurchak.

She further added that the Shop Hop is a great way for everyone to socialize specially for store owners who usually don’t get a chance to see neighbouring stores.

Shoppers shared their experience on social media using the #GastownShopHop.

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