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And the Oscar goes to…The Royal Canadian Theatre Company

And the Oscar goes to…The Royal Canadian Theatre Company

While Hollywood stars gathered for The 89th Academy Awards a.k.a. “the Oscars” in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 26th, The Royal Canadian Theatre Company (RCTC) held their second annual Oscar party. The event was held at Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel during the Oscars with 122 people in attendance. 

All the fun began at 4:30 p.m. during the red carpet coverage and carried on throughout the award show. Guests were able to enjoy appetizers, delicious mashed potatoes, bread, roast beef and drinks throughout the evening.

Mashed potato toppings

Roast beef

Many of the theatre actors, staff, and board members attended the party with their families, including RCTC’s Founding Artistic Director, Ellie King, and President, Shara Nixon. Nixon was also one of the hosts of the evening.

Nixon says that events like the Oscar party give participants the opportunity to dress up, have fun, and provide the backbone of support to RCTC’s youth mentorship program. RCTC doesn’t charge kids and individuals who come to their theatre, so this fundraiser is one of many that supports the program.

At the event, King mentioned that the company is also entirely dependent on fundraisers in order to pay for the venues. It costs them around $20,000 per show for an approximate three-week run.

During the Oscars, RCTC held a silent auction for those attendees who wanted to bid for gift baskets. Individuals also had an opportunity to purchase 50/50 tickets and Oscar ballots. Whoever had guessed the winners in the biggest award categories won a trip to The 90th Academy Awards next year.

Silent Auction

The event was a successful fundraiser and the best part about the evening for the event organizers was being able to raise funds for their  students.

Nixon is proud to be a small part of helping Surrey’s youth gain valuable skills through the mentorship program.

“Learning presentation skills, how to handle yourself in front of a large audience and gaining self confidence are key to business success,” Nixon says. “So while we are just teaching theatre skills, those skills are transferable to help build strong success for our kids.”

Actors Rachel Criag and Ashton Ramsay

RCTC is thankful for all the support they receive from the community. Without the support, the company wouldn’t be able to reach out to nearly as many individuals as they do right now. The company has stated that the world of theatre can be satisfying to those individuals who lack support in different areas of life. RCTC also ensures an inclusive environment for everyone, which enables the kids to broaden their creativity and relationships within the community.

Stephanie Bruce, RCTC’s company stage manager, appreciates being a part of an amazing company. She has known King ever since she was three-years-old. When King established RCTC in 2006, Bruce started helping out with various backstage tasks. Even if she’s building sets in a storage locker in winter, she always has a blast.

“My grandmother always told us to find the place where we were happy and where we could enjoy what we do and not dread going to work everyday,” Bruce says.

It’s sometimes rare to find a company such as RCTC that cares deeply for their students and all those who are involved with them. They pride themselves on what they get accomplished in the community.

“We’re more than just a theatre company,” King says. “We change lives.”

If you’d like to go to an Oscar Party next year, you’ll know where to find RCTC and all the fun.

Nominees for “Most Bling”


Photo Credit: Aaron Siebenga

Shara Nixon and Ellie King


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