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For seniors, with complex needs in a complex setting, the answer is simple

For seniors, with complex needs in a complex setting, the answer is simple

Aging shouldn’t stop you from getting the most out of your life.

That’s the foundation that holistic care facility, Live Your Life Homecare is built on. The White Rock-based company provides in-home support for residents in Surrey, White Rock and Delta. No matter what stage of life you’re in, Live Your Life provides  the opportunity to remain in the comfort of your own home, while also alleviating the strain on our current healthcare system.

As Registered Nurse Dana Huggett says, “we want to help seniors not only maintain their independence, but also live their lives to the fullest.”

For companies like Live Your Life, this means looking beyond the health charts and identifying what our senior population actually needs. From a helping hand around the house to intensive palliative care, the nurses are on hand to ensure that quality of care meets quality of life in the setting where we feel most at home.

Huggett, with over 15 years experience both in and out of hospital settings, has seen first-hand the deteriorating effects our tapped healthcare system can have on a mounting aging population. With a shortage of hospital beds and big waitlists for long-term care facilities, for the 16 per cent of Canadians currently over the age of 65, homecare is becoming a necessary option.

“There’s no place to put anyone in hospitals anymore because it’s all taken up by people who don’t really need to be there,” she says.

Patients are ending up in beds placed in hallways, or being released much earlier than they should. Or they end up on long waitlists for short-staffed care facilities. Live Your Life is the bridge between these problems.

“If you can get back, with support, into your own home – even if it’s a temporary bandaid – having support put in place while you wait to get into long-term care means you are not taking up that acute care bed. That’s the way backups in emergency happen,” Huggett says.  

A senior patient, on average, loses 10 per cent of their overall muscle mass every day they remain in bed, according to the experienced nurse. With seniors used to living an active lifestyle, the sudden confinement means their health may decline faster than if they remained at home.

“It’s a broken system and if we can help even be the temporary fix while somebody is waiting to get into care, they would do better. They would keep their freedom and independence, and it would keep them out of beds they don’t need to be in,” Huggett advocates.

Besides providing assisted living and care, Live Your Life also offers courses aimed towards enabling seniors in areas like technology, nutrition and transportation. Their offices are easily located across from Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Stop by Semiahmoo Mall on Monday, May 1st and speak to representatives from the company. Huggett will be on hand to field questions from 10am to 1pm.

Visit Live Your Life Homecare and request your free consultation today.

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