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Metro Vancouver’s most romantic concert with Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik

Metro Vancouver’s most romantic concert with Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik

It was a three hour romantic concert at PNE Agrodome. If you are from my generation of Bollywood lovers, you heard Kumar Sanu songs when you first fell in love, you heard them at your first heartbreak and you heard them on your honeymoon. And maybe when you got divorced. 4000 romantic Vancouverites were at PNE Agrodome on Sunday evening, April 30 to hear Sanu with Alka Yagnik in concert. I think romance and heartbreak live in the same corner of our hearts because we go to the same songs in all these emotions.

Sanu came dressed in a glamorous electric blue and black suit, and enthralled romance loving Vancouverites with songs and anecdotes. His audience whistled, screamed and danced to Bus ek sanam chahiye, Dheere dheere se meri zindagi, and Ye kaali aankhen, while some quietly cried to these  evergreen romantic numbers. I wonder why all romantic Bollywood songs talk about the beauty of a woman, and never about a dashing young man?

Sanu has won five consecutive Filmfare awards and he’s enthralled listeners for three decades now. In 1994, legendary composer RD Burman called him for a recording. Sanu got so excited that he ran unshaven and dishevelled to the recording studio. Burman looked at him disappointed, and asked him to come back after a week. Burman said this song was love’s labour, and a romantic vibe demanded a dapper looking singer. They recorded Ik ladki ko dekha to aisa laga (I saw a girl like a rose, a lotus, a doe, a sunbeam) after one week.

Now that’s a tremendous amount of pressure on a girl to look pretty. Sanu as singer took some of the heat for looking tip-top, and it only makes sense.

Sanu’s music is heard in love, in marriages and now even in divorce. Legally. Jab koi Bat bigad jaye (Hold my hand when things go wrong) is the background music in divorce courts all over India. They hope to reunite couples wanting a divorce. More pressure on Sanu.

Alka Yagnik’s beautiful rendition of Ghazab ka hai din, Lal dupatta ud Gaya and Bole choodiyan had romance-minded couples dancing in the aisles. Duet performances of Mera dil bhi kitna paagal hai, Ghazab ka hai din and Ladki badi deewani hai by Alka and Sanu brought out all the romance – lovers in Vancouver. Vancouverites embraced the duo with a heart full of love, longing and sweet memories.

Kamal Sharma, along with Balaji Entertainment, delivered on his promise of the most romantic concert of the year. If you’re a Bollywood lover, you’ll love KVP Entertainers next concert in Metro Vancouver where he brings the irresistible Johnny Lever for a comedy show on June 11.

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