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Why you need to be part of a Tech Community (and where to find one)

Why you need to be part of a Tech Community (and where to find one)

Surrey, British Columbia – Tech is moving at a fast pace with the introduction of Machine Learning, VR (Virtual Reality), Industrial Tech of Things, and Internet of Things; It’s not just about websites or phone applications anymore.

There are several reasons why learning a programming language is important, but the biggest one that stands out is our ever increasing arrival to a future where a predicted 45% of all jobs (in the U.S) could become automated; with the risk of the same industries here following suit. Here are what three of the most innovative minds alive have to say about automation according to Quincy Larson, Founder and Teacher at

But, here is the thing: Learning to code is not an easy task, whether you are working towards a Degree in Computer Science, partaking in a tech Bootcamp, or learning by yourself. Going from “I want to learn to code” to “Here, let me show you my portfolio and Github account” is a bumpy road, a hill top hike with limited amount of food and pretty darn good reasons to quit.

Being a part of a local tech community can make a big difference in whether one is successful or not while learning. Among the many other benefits that a community offers (like support and resources), the fundamental one is that you are accountable for your own learning by teaching. As Luis Espinal, Founder Camper of SurreyCodeCamp, says: “The best way to learn something really fast, is to have to explain it to the community, this is the main reason behind our Lightning Talks”. Within the community, Lightning Talks are held similar to a “Toastmaster-like” Standup where one camper (a member of the community) does a presentation of something he or she has learned in a two weeks’ timeframe.

“The Muse” explains on this article“90% of online students quit because they feel lonely in their computers”.

Where do you start looking for such a Tech community?

Social Media sites like Facebook and Meetup are great places. To make your search easier, The Freecodecamp Community started a worldwide open source project that lets you choose any city and will take you to the “Study Group” Facebook page.

If you live outside of downtown Vancouver, SurreyCodeCamp is rapidly growing and establishing itself as the go-to place to learn, be mentored, and develop your skills. As for his motivation to start the SurreyCodeCamp community, Luis said “We all know how the commute (to Downtown Vancouver) and finding and paying for parking can be complicated. For this reason I knew there must be tech enthusiasts hungry for a community on the other side of the bridge.”

Beta Collective, a coworking space that hosts several startups and entrepreneurs within the Surrey community, is the current venue sponsor for this community. Beta Collective’s co-founder Jason Wong has mentioned “Every two weeks we are amazed about what this community (SurreyCodeCamp) has to offer, we see people from Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge come to our offices and have a great time working on their projects, they are truly breaking the stigma that people have about tech happening only within the Downtown(Vancouver)”.

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