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Local artist AMRIT BAINS wants you to rock with him at the Surrey Arts Centre on August 12!

Local artist AMRIT BAINS wants you to rock with him at the Surrey Arts Centre on August 12!

“I don’t think anybody should be discouraged. I think people who sing at a party or in the shower should feel free to do so. We should recognize that music is a language that everybody can speak.”

Amrit Bains is a local singer-songwriter who is building a strong reputation in Surrey for his fun-loving attitude, high energy performances as well as lyrical messages of love, freedom and enjoying life. His self-produced music videos, which can be found on YouTube, each contain their own stories that range from wild partying to soulful ballads and have garnered him hundreds of thousands of views online. Full of his unique and charismatic charm, there is no doubt that an Amrit Bains music video will put a smile on your face.

MUSIC VIDEO: “Free Like A Junglee”

Bains mixes elements of pop, rock, electronic-dance, and even hints of Bollywood into his music, receiving well produced musical beats from various collaborators. Vocals are recorded with audio engineer Len Osanic at Fiasco Bros Recording Studios in New Westminster.

Aside from recording and guitar-work, Osanic also collaborates with Bains on his music videos, much of which is shot in front of a blue-screen that is also available at the studio.

“My nature is to say something in the music. I want to have meaning, that’s why it’s very important for me to try and get people to understand my message,” Bains states. The inspiration for his songs range from anything like thoughts about society to his own personal life.

“My messages are different every time. They’re not trying to change people’s lives, it’s just that I have something to say. The themes and ideas naturally come to me,” Bains explains. “I remember I was driving the 99 B-Line to UBC and enjoyed it so much.

It was a very beautiful route, lots of nature. It inspired my song called ‘Dream Transit Operator’ where I wasn’t driving on the road at all. I was driving on mars, the moon, everywhere.”

MUSIC VIDEO: “Dream Transit Operator”

Born in India, Bains moved to Canada in 1980 and married his wife Sharanjit in 1985. “I originally didn’t wanna move to Surrey because people were saying not very good things. I didn’t wanna make my wife unhappy so we moved to Surrey because of her. Now I’m thanking her because actually, she was right. This is a good place with good people.”

While living in India, Bains released three full-length albums in Punjabi before switching over to writing and singing in English. “I have a lot of friends who are not able to understand Punjabi, because this is Canada, this is where all types of people live.” Bains continues: “Ever since I became an independent artist in Canada, that’s when I started to receive love, affection and recognition. I’m very very thankful that my original ideas and songs have gotten a hold of people.”

Bains’ music has even caught the attention of major television networks. His song “Love is a Medicine” made an appearance on Comedy Central’s late night program @midnight with Chris Hardwick. Featured in a segment where the point was to poke fun at amateur YouTube music videos, Bains was not negatively affected by the light-hearted jokes. In fact, Bains made a positive response video in which he tells Chris Hardwick the side effect when taking the medicine of love. That side effect? Inability to hate.

“That is a comedy program, they’re supposed to be funny. They’re supposed to be laughing and making people laugh. So when they made fun of my song I said: ‘Look. There are many songs out there. This is a big program on a huge cable company. If they notice my song I must be doing something right.’”

MUSIC VIDEO: “Love is a Medicine”

When it comes to following his path as an independent artist, Bains prolifically states: “I’ve decided it’s not best in modern time for an artist to run around after the record companies. If artist runs after the company, artist will waste his time, his energy and also waste his emotions. I think all those things he should put into his art. His art is his power. I think artists should carry on walking on their own road, going further, further, further and further.” Bains self-released his new album Everybody Rocks earlier this year. Aside from the songs already mentioned in the article, the record features many of Amrit’s other popular tracks including: “Everybody Rocks,” “In the Flames of Love,” “Absolute Unbreakable,” and my personal favourite: “Fooled by the Looks.” “‘Everybody Rocks’ says songs are not only for famous people who are on the TV or the radio. Every single person can sing, there is music in everybody.”

SPOTIFY ALBUM: “Everybody Rocks”

Bains will be performing all his hits at the Surrey Arts Centre on August 12. He promises a great night full of laughs, prizes, costumes and even breakdancers. “People should expect a lot of fun. Lots of real enjoyment of the music and lot of fun things. I’m gonna tell you nice little jokes which have meanings you will relate to. Real life stories and real life connections. With me is a real entertaining young man named Paul Anthony from the TV show Talent Time. He’s a real expert of humour and is going to be my MC. The show will be like a real party.”

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Jonathan Nicholas “Johnny” Papan is a Canadian writer, filmmaker, and musician born in Surrey, British Columbia to a Guyanese mother and half-Hungarian, half-Trinidadian father. Aside from film and music, Johnny also enjoys performing standup comedy. His interest in journalism surfaced after watching documentaries on influential writers Nora Ephron and Hunter S. Thompson. -


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