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Vancouver Paranormal Society, Camp Alexandra Investigation

Vancouver Paranormal Society, Camp Alexandra Investigation

After an initial article posted in Surrey 604, I was placed in contact with the Vancouver Paranormal Society, a group running since 1993 to investigate Camp Alexandra in South Surrey. This site, has a deep historical value, and according to Club Vice President Kelly Berge, was where one of her most intense encounters with a spirit occurred.

Being invited out to the camp to join in their investigation on July 19th I was thrilled to not just know about this encounter, which happened in Camp Alexandra’s Cabin 5, I wanted to experience it for myself. Kelly’s hard work and ability to liaise with the community allowed her to get this access to Camp Alexandra to monitor, and ask questions to possible spirits or paranormal energy and see what could be uncovered, possibly reconnecting with the spirit that shook the bottom of her bunk in Cabin 5, shortly before pulling on the curtain and even drawing them back to let the light in.

Kelly’s tour of the camp happened in four, 45 minute sessions where patience really is key. Placing out audio recording equipment, as well as vibration and temperature sensors allowed her to measure different outputs of energy, energy she says spirits need in order to form a response to us when we ask to be in communication with them. Kelly does a great job of dispelling coincidence and finding explanations for odd sounds and changes in the environment. Even then I was still fortunate enough to hear a disembodied voice! Upon asking Kelly about other encounters with voices she had, she brought up recorded audio samples of voices playing over a conversation she had with a close friend. Following her along on this tour she brought to light the amazing history that was right under our feet. Kelly’s questions revolved around different eras of the camp site.

When it used to be the land of the First Nations, displaced from this land, to when it was converted into a temporary children’s hospice to treat the tuberculosis outbreak, to the notion of Fresh Air Camps, a place for the families of those sent to fight in World War Two to spend in, not knowing if their loved ones would come back at all. All these memories, emotions, times in people’s lives, both positive and negative provide the insatiable need to investigate the grounds time and time again for possible paranormal activity. A true treat, and a fun event to be apart of Kelly’s work has gained some public noteriety, and attracted a great group of dedicated individuals who are excited to uncover paranormal findings, as well as introduce others to tours such as the one I was on.

The Paranormal Society has another tour of Camp Alexandra on August 13th. Stay up to date by joining their Facebook group or visiting their official website:  

Interested in becoming a paranormal investigator? VPS are always open to bringing in new team members. Information on how to apply can be found at the following link:

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