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5 steps to success for email marketing

5 steps to success for email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics. That being said, not all businesses are successful with their email marketing initiatives. If you want email to have a positive impact on your sales and your bottom line, here are 5 important things to keep in mind.

1. Nobody cares about you

OK, that might be a bit bold. Maybe some of your best customers actually care. But what I am getting at is that it’s not about you, it’s about them. The emails you send have to provide value, real value, to your subscribers.

It could be of monetary value. Knowing about the promotions, sales and discounts at your favourite store can be a good reason to stay subscribed to an email list. But more often than not, the value has to come from the content you share in your emails.

2. Teach don’t preach

People love to learn but they seldom like being told what to do. I’m sure you feel the same way. So think of ways you can educate your subscribers and help them achieve their goals. For example, business consultants can share tips on how to manage cashflow, a mattress store can share tips on how to sleep better and a restaurant can teach about food and wine pairing. What can YOU teach?

3. Stand out from the crowd

Email is still the preferred way for consumers to receive communications from a brand. But we all feel (for good reasons) like we receive too many emails. Therefore, the subject line of your email has to stand out and entice your subscribers to click.

For example:  If a fitness facility is sending an email to promote a spring sale. A subject like: “Get Fit for Less This Spring!” will attract more attention and more clicks than simply saying, “Spring Sale”.

4. Don’t do the same thing twice, automate

With email marketing comes marketing automation; this will allow you to send the right content, to the right people at exactly the right time, automatically. This means that emails can be sent based on conditions and triggers. Once you have set your parameters for a certain automation scenario, everything is done automatically, without your input!

For example, you can send welcome emails to new subscribers, reward your best readers with a coupon or send a series of educational emails.

5. You’re in it for the long haul

Email marketing can give you short-term results, sure. But you will enjoy the fruits of your labor if you’re consistent and stick with it long enough. Most people who are on your email list are not ready to buy now. But they may be later. One of the goals of email marketing is to stay top-of-mind until the right moment arrives.

When they are ready to take action- they will think of you. The person with whom they feel they have established a relationship with, the expert who took the time to share valuable content.

So don’t quit and keep at it.

About Cyberimpact
Cyberimpact is a Canadian-based email marketing platform. They make email marketing and CASL compliance easier for Canadian small businesses. You can create your account for free and send your first campaign today!

About the Author

Antoine Bonicalzi

Antoine is the director of marketing at Cyberimpact. When he’s not giving a webinar or optimizing an ad campaign, you’ll find him on the Jiu-jitsu mats or on his kayak!


About The Author

Surrey604 Staff

Surrey604 is an online magazine and media outlet based in Surrey, BC. Through writing, video, photography, and social media, we secure an intimate reach to the public. We promote local events and causes.

  • Melissa

    Great post Antoine, I would added to your 5 points a sixth: Segmentation, it’s important to have the right tool and have the ability to segment your patrons in order to better communicate with them and make the proper impressions…


    • Antoine Bonicalzi

      Thanks for your comment Melissa! Of course, having the right tool will make a huge difference. Cyberimpact makes email marketing easier for small businesses in Canada. Give it a try!

  • Benoit-vincent Roch

    Great read… I’ve learned, thanks a munch

  • Sophia

    As long as it has free trial then I would like to try it out and give my personal feedback about the platform. Thanks Antoine for the awesome post!


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