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Famous Slayer: Potter’s House Of Horrors Returns to Forge New Nightmares

Famous Slayer: Potter’s House Of Horrors Returns to Forge New Nightmares

It was a dark and stormy night. Gusts of wind rustled the Autumn leaves as chimes wavered calmly beneath the misted moonlight. An eerie sense of fear and excitement washed over the city of Surrey in the year of 2003. A new monster had made it’s presence known, latching on to our deepest nightmares. Legend has it that this monstrosity rises every Halloween season to bring terror and anguish to those who seek its thrill. Patrons of Surrey: Beware. Potter’s House of Horrors has returned from the dead.

“Attendees should expect to scream… Attendees should expect to lose their voices… Attendees should expect to jump, shake, squirm and lose control of their bodily functions.” Event organizer Chris Pershick has a tenured history with Potter’s Farm & Nursery. His tale begins with when the humble garden centre was first possessed by the haunted House of Horrors 14 years ago.

“Potter’s, which has been a garden centre for 25 years now, also has a long history behind the House of Horrors,” Pershick explains. “When we started out, we actually just lent our greenhouses to a community group who did spooky haunted houses and were in need of a place to host the event. It wasn’t long before Potter’s took over and upped the intensity many, many notches…”

Aside from a plethora of villains, ghouls and monsters that roam the house, Potter’s has also added dynamic lighting, high-tech animatronics, thunderous sound setups and versatile set designs that make the House of Horrors one of the Lower Mainland’s most anticipated spook-shows over the years.

“Early on the haunted house was really fun but I think it had a different slant. It was less about ludicrous scares, horror or blood and was more of a community-type spooky house. Over time our focus changed and we’ve tried to become one of the scarier events in town. Actors really go out of their way to incite fear into every unsuspecting patron who crosses their path.”

Zombies, armed maniacs and horrific clowns all aim to keep you floating in fear as you pace through terrifying landscapes. “The inspiration behind all of the haunted rooms and the haunted house in general is a guy named Scott. He’s half man, half amazing! He’s probably the biggest horror movie fan on the planet plus he has a solid background in design, landscape construction and AutoCAD.” AutoCAD is software used to design blueprints, often used for laying out buildings, houses and movie sets. “He takes his amazing skillset and applies it to our House of Horrors. Through his vision the rest of us mold together a really fun and creepy haunted house.”

Imagine walking through a darkly lit hallway, surrounded by blood, cobwebs and monsters of the night. You hear the cries of the people you met in line echoing ahead of you. Your body temperature drops as your hands begin to tremble, goosebumps crawl up your skin from a cold breeze against your neck. You’ll convince yourself it was just your imagination. You contemplate taking another step forward, but just like in the movies, you can’t help your curiosity. What’s on the other side of that door? We all know what happens next. Or do we?

And that’s not all… “We have a brand new haunted house this year called DEVIL’S DESCENT. It’s a creepy industrial layout with an old rickety mine shaft and an industrial wasteland full of rusty machines and groaning gears. There’s new monsters and ghouls inside. You won’t be able to tell what is real and what is not as some figures are stationary and some are real people. It’s scary! We also have a second house called MONSTROSITY that is back by popular demand. It’s filled with cool stuff like an old prison, a zombie hospital, a claustrophobic squeeze hallway and much, much more. Both houses are lots of fun and should really entertain the masses this year.” So go ahead, take a step inside of Potter’s House of Horrors this Halloween… If you dare…

Potter’s House of Horrors includes the following attractions:

Two Ultra-Scary Haunted Houses
House #1 Monstrosity. Back by popular demand, Monstrosity is sure to delight horror fans who enjoy a good creepy walk through pure gothic madness. Features nasty creatures, spooky surprises and scary fun… oh, and possibly even an evil clown or two.

House #2 NEW FOR 2017 Devil’s Descent. A terrifying vortex of rotted wood, rickety mine-shafts, punishing industrial machines, monsters and zombies.

Li’L Haunters: Just for Kids!
Li’l Haunters is a kids-only attraction with two mini haunted houses that aren’t too dark or scary and contain no animatronics or actors. House #1, Mystic Village, includes a slightly creepy ghost town that sets the tone for fun to follow with the magic and mystery of House #2, Spooky Castle. New for 2017: a fun basketball/ baseball toss and table games including air hockey, foosball and table hockey. Children 2 & under and parents/ guardians are always free. Braver kids may want to check out Family Hour at Potter’s House of Horrors, recommended for children ages 12 and up.

Additional Features
Coffin Ride – Experience what it’s like to be buried in a coffin.
Haunted Photo Booth – Three freakish photos sent directly to your phone or email.
Xtreme Paintball Haunted Shootout – Shoot 50 rounds at haunted props and spooky animatronics.
New concession items include neon cotton candy and haunted hotdogs (just regular hotdogs, but they sound much cooler when we tell people they’re haunted!)

Friday, October 6th through Tuesday, October 31st (closed Oct 9th for Thanksgiving), 4 to 10 pm nightly.
4 to 7 pm is Li’l Haunters, suitable for kids 12 & under
4 to 6:30 pm is Family Hour at Potter’s House of Horrors, a tamer version of the scary haunted houses, for younger guests or the faint of heart
7 to 10 pm is the regular (ultra-scary) show.
Extended hours on select dates. To view the event schedule and details, visit:

Potter’s Farm & Nursery
12530 – 72nd Avenue
Surrey, BC (one block west of Kwantlen University and a couple blocks east of Strawberry Hill cinemas)

Note: Parking is free. Open rain or shine. The haunted house, box office line, and lines to enter the haunt are all indoors. Concession and snacks are available on-site.

Admission Rates and Tickets
Tickets are available for purchase in advance, online, or at the door.
50% off all tickets opening weekend.
New early-bird ticket pricing: 20% savings on select nights. View full details at

About Potter’s House of Horrors
Every fall, Potter’s staff converts the grounds from an enjoyable, plant-filled garden centre into a maze of terror with all the latest animatronics, digital sounds, high-tech scares and trained actors to put on a fun and scary event that sends chills down the spines of all those who enter. Entering season 15 of our horrifically awesome event, the crew at Potter’s is more enthusiastic than ever to try and make you scream, whimper, cry, holler, yodel, laugh, gargle, giggle, and guffaw! Whatever your reaction, Potter’s House of Horrors is dedicated to giving patrons a frighteningly creepy and monstrously enjoyable time this this Halloween season.

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Jonathan Nicholas “Johnny” Papan is a Canadian writer, filmmaker, and musician born in Surrey, British Columbia to a Guyanese mother and half-Hungarian, half-Trinidadian father. Aside from film and music, Johnny also enjoys performing standup comedy. His interest in journalism surfaced after watching documentaries on influential writers Nora Ephron and Hunter S. Thompson. -


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