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Become a Better Writer: 5 Tips for Business Owners

Become a Better Writer: 5 Tips for Business Owners

Your business; like any other in the digital cyber sea of online business ads, is indistinguishable from your closest or furthest competitor unless you have a well-written and engaging missive. Your strategies may involve content marketing, blogging, email marketing, social media or SEO and will involve a certain amount of writing that is essential to your business. You have two distinct audiences to write for and neither can be neglected. The first is your core audience, the people that will be visiting your website. The second, your invisible audience, the spiders and bots that crawl websites for search engines. For small businesses this may seem like a daunting task but these 5 Tips will help get you better online visibility.

1) Know Your Audience

Ask yourself this:

  • What am I trying to accomplish with my business?
  • Who am I trying to reach?

Give your audience a reason to care about your company, if you don’t who will?

2) Determine the Best Writing Style for Reaching Your Audience

Decide whether you want to keep it laid-back or more reserved, or if you need to keep it short and sweet, or more in-depth.

Examples of different ways to approach your audience :

  • Webcopy — Use shorter engaging sentences and paragraphs. People want to connect with you (your brand).
    • Stop being wordy . Avoid jargon that incites your reader to scroll down the page and tune-out.
    • Link pertinent information internally to relevant webpages within your website.
  • Print —The internet is a powerful marketing tool, but sometimes you need actual physical media to share with your prospective customers.
  • Print is less forgiving than online. It’s also one place where size matters. Only so many words can fit on the page, so choose carefully.
  • It’s helpful to separate writing into sections with attention-grabbing titles. It can be as simple as a key sentence in the article.
  • Blogs — Keep it casual. Inject a little you here. Blogs aren’t the place for hard sells, they’re for opinions and stories. Position yourself as your industry/niche expert.
  • Email — Grab someone’s attention very quickly with the subject line. Even the best-written email will remain unopened if the subject line isn’t engaging. Make your intentions clear. Find useful email templates here.
  • Press Releases – These are written in the style of news stories often fitting on one page. Here is an example how to write a press release :
    • First paragraph is a summary of the release.
    • Ends with a brief paragraph which provides an overview of your company (a boilerplate ).
    • To give more authority to your release(s), add quotes from representatives, previous/current clients, and quotes from industry personalities. Facebook comments and emails work too.

3) Use a Wide Range of Words

Even if your niche is boring, you’ll want to spice it up a bit. Use the most transparent words you can when speaking about your company. You’re immersed in your business and its culture, your audience may not be the expert you are. Make sure potential customers understand what you’re talking about.

4) Clear Calls to Action

Every word on your webpage should include a clear CTA (call to action). Use the KISS rule. Keep it simple stupid. Make sure your customers know what you want them to do— don’t confuse them with cross-sales and ambiguities.

5) Edit, Revise, Re-read and then Edit Again

Grammar will always matter. Casual business related articles don’t give you free reign to write badly. You can write in an informal tone, but you still need to sound professional when you do. Misspells, typos and bad syntax will detract even the most loyal client from your story.

Try to Have Fun Writing

Customers will feed off of your enthusiasm and/or lack of it. This is part of your business strategy, so have fun with it. If it doesn’t feel natural in the beginning its ok, it will very soon. You can learn to be a better writer; all you have to do is apply yourself. Your goal was never to be Steven King but it was to be Bill Gates. Take that extra 30 minutes to write something properly, your business will grow because of it.


About The Author

Bertrand Klein is the newest web content creator for Canadian-based email marketing platform Cyberimpact. He is also a writer and poet that has been freelance writing for over a decade. Passionate about the written word, food and art he can be regularly found dragging his children to a museum or wife to a wine tasting. A globetrotter by nature, he has travelled and lived in South East Asia, Europe and North Africa.

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