Samsung’s new QLED TV is made for solutions. The 4K TV not only enhances picture on anything you’re viewing, but it checks off all of the little details on a viewer’s wish list. Here’s why the Samsung QLED will improve your TV experience by blending into your space. 

It’s simply decorative 

Tired of the TV being a block in the way of your decor? The new Samsung QLED TV doubles as an art piece that blends into any room. The TV comes with beautiful, clear images and ‘paintings’ that add character to your space. You can choose from the images given, or upload your own to customize. That’s not all – you can also play with hues to match the lighting in a room, and purchase snap-on frames for a truly decorative experience. If you’re worried about the power use, don’t worry – the art only turns on automatically when you enter the room and will shut off shortly after you leave.

You can display it any way

The QLED TV comes in both a curved and flat screen models, so you can pick whichever suits your home best. You can also choose between a sleek, metal Gravity stand or an artsy Studio stand to match your home’s style. The Gravity stand in particular goes beyond just form – the TV can pivot on it so you can watch from any angle. So, if your kitchen faces one way and your couch faces another, you don’t have to worry about turning your TV on a heavy stand.

Beautiful picture – your way. 

Adjusting the contrast and brightness on your TV can get in the way of what your watching and also sometimes be difficult to navigate. The QLED TV solves this with the ability to speak into the One Remote Control to set your contrast levels, volume and more on command.

It’s a one-clicker, one-cord wonder 

The One Remote control eliminates the struggle of looking for “the other remote”, and the mess of wires that often tangles behind your TV. All of your apps – from Netflix to Apple TV to Xbox, are all controlled with one sleek remote. The One Power Cable is nearly invisible, and condenses all of your cords into one HDMI connection. In addition, it runs long enough to hide any boxes and connected devices in another room, so the TV maintains its decorative quality.

Like the sound of that?

The single-piece Sound+Soundbar delivers multidimensional sound with special distortion-canceling technology. The simple, small, sleek soundbar gives off powerful bass while still maintaining a minimalistic look. The forward-facing speakers make the sound feel like it’s coming out of your TV, and the upward-facing overhead speaker on the bar gives a surround-sound effect without all of the additional speakers. You can also purchase additional surround sound packages to enhance the sound further, or you can keep it simple with the state-of-the-art Sound+Soundbar.

The Samsung QLED TV lineup of Q7 and Q8 models are available now at select retailers across Canada. Q7-series flat screen models are priced at for $3799.99 (55″) MSRP, $5499.99 (65″) MSRP and $7999.99 (75″) MSRP. Q8-series curved screen models are priced at $4799.99 (55″) MSRP, $6499.99 (65″) MSRP and $8999.99 (75″) MSRP.

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