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Magic Lantern: Give Your Videos A Professional Look

Magic Lantern is an open platform development software especially designed for Canon DSLR cameras and it helps in changing and improving the video making experience for film makers. It is not a hack or a modified firmware, Magic Lantern is basically an add-on and runs alongside Canon’s default firmware. The software is stored in the SD card and is run by the camera every time the DSLR is switched on.

Initially Magic Lantern introduced features for video makers but in the later versions, it brought features for both, video enthusiasts and photographers. The key features of Magic Lantern include Focus Assist tools, manual audio, motion detection, zebras and bracketing. Apart from these key features, other features offered by Magic Lantern include HDR options, extended options, built-in time lapse, peak UV meters etc.

Magic Lantern video enhancement software DSLR

The best thing about Magic Lantern is that it is absolutely free for Canon owners and does not require owners to format or re-install the default camera’s firmware. And when you feel the need to delete the software, all what you need to do is format the SD card, and Magic Lantern is gone!

Magic Lantern Software Screen For EOS7D

The software can be used on various Canon models including Canon 5D, Mark II and 550D. It is still in development for Canon EOS 70D. Magic Lantern also allows for the use of a wide variety of lenses. Film makers had originally reported a few bugs when using Canon DSLR cameras, but since the introduction of Magic Lantern, all of the issues have been resolved. Enhancements include on-screen audio meters, zebra stripes, manual gain control, control of focus and bracketing plus custom crop marks for numerous formats such as 16:9 and 4:3.

Magic Lantern Logo
Image Source

The open source feature of Magic Lantern enables everyday users to download the source code and be a part of developing the code. Similarly, Magic Lantern has a fully documented developer’s API which means the scripting support has extended the API to everyday users.

Magic Lantern has various features to offer for different categories such as:

  • Audio – provides tools which users need to capture the cleanest sound at perfect levels
  • Exposure – provides quick access to exposure related settings
  • Live View Overlays – focus & exposure assistants in movie, play mode and live view
  • Movie – provides tools to improve the quality of video
  • Shoot – helps in replacing external accessories with built-in features
  • Focus – provides various focus tools and custom autofocus patterns
  • Display Tweaks – helps in adjusting the live view image on screen
  • Advanced Scripting – helps in writing scripts for any type of video
  • Developer Tools – provides tools for advanced users such as developers
  • In-Camera Hlp – provides a full featured user guide in the camera
  • Modules – allows new modules to be added with ease
  • Miscellaneous Preferences.

Canon EOS 70D DSLR Camera Review

Image Source: WikiMedia
Canon has always been one of the leading developers of cameras and even today, some of the most widely used Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras all around the world are by Canon. One of the recently launched models, Canon EOS 70D, has proved to be an amazingly well rounded camera for enthusiast and professional photographers. The model was announced in July 2013 and hit the market in late August 2013. Buyers have an option to choose between three lenses with the body: EF-S 18-55 mm IS STM, EF-S 18-200 mm IS and EF-S 18-135 mm IS STM.

The reason why Canon’s EOS 70D gained so much popularity is because of its Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus feature. Not only has it provided a great improvement in the focusing speed, but in the focus accuracy as well. When it comes to capturing stills or making videos using the Live view, EOS 70D provides an amazing focus speed, accuracy and consistency. The conventional autofocus was unable to give this speed and accuracy in Live view, especially at large apertures such as f/1.8 but EOS 70D has impressed photographers all across the globe.

The plenty of detail which EOS 70D offers in raw files is absolutely impressive. The natural colors along with pleasant contrast and saturation makes camera’s images very sharp and appealing. Moreover, the EOS 70D’s touch screen makes it easy and quick to use and switch between various settings. The touch also enables users to scroll between images smoothly and pinching the screen can zoom-in the picture, allowing user to check the sharpness. Therefore the screen is much more responsive as compared to previous models.

Features like built-in Wi-Fi and silent shutter mode have also pleased photographers as taking pics in quiet environments is no more a problem, and the images can be instantly shared too.

Key features of Canon’s EOS 70D are as follow:

  • 20.2MP APS-C ‘Dual Pixel CMOS AF’ sensor
  • 19-point AF system, all points cross-type, sensitive to -0.5 EV
  • ‘Creative Filter’ image processing styles, previewed in live view
  • Single-axis electronic level
  • 63-zone iFCL metering system
  • ‘Silent’ shutter mode
  • DIGIC 5+ image processor
  • ISO 100-12800 standard, 25600 expanded
  • 1080p30 video recording, stereo sound via external mic
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • In-camera High Dynamic Range and Multiple Exposure modes (JPEG-only)
  • Single SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot
  • Built-in flash works as off-camera remote flash controller
  • 7fps continuous shooting, burst depth 65 JPEG / 16 Raw
  • AF microadjustment (can be set individually for up to 40 lenses, remembered by lens serial number)
  • Fully-articulated touchscreen, 1040k dot 3″ ClearView II LCD, 3:2 aspect ratio
  • 98% viewfinder coverage, 0.95x magnification, switchable gridlines and electronic level display

Run Up to Mystery Lake, Mt. Seymour, North Vancouver

VIDEO: Mystery Lake Trail Run at Mt. Seymour

WATCH: Daman runs up to beautiful Mystery Lake, Mount Seymour, North Shore Vancouver on a bright sunny late winter’s day.

Blizzard: Journey to the Drew – Sackville NB

Above – Left to right: Daman Beatty (Beatler), with nephew Oliver Priemer, Catherine Priemer and Margaret Priemer in a white-out blizzard snowstorm at the Sackville Waterfowl Park, Sackville, NB.

Daman in the snowbank with niece, Catherine Priemer
Daman in the snowdrift with niece, Catherine Priemer

VIDEO: Blizzard: Journey to the Drew – Sackville NB

WATCH: Daman, his sister and her kids brave the blizzard to go and visit their Dad at the Drew Nursing Home during one of Winter 2015’s craziest snow-filled blizzards in The Town of Sackville, New Brunswick!

Europe 2014 Part 2: Liverpool Riverfest

Travel Journal: Sunday, June 15, 2014

We slept in until 11am and missed the free breakfast ending at 10. As we lazed in bed, outside our window we heard loud drumming, music and commotion. I jumped up to see. In the distance was a guy hovering over the water in a jet suit. We discovered there was a river festival going on.

Morning window

vitamins and supplements
(Brought my vitamins and supplements.)

hover water jet ski guy

beatler canon eos 70d camera

We got ready without delay to see all the action. I unsheathed my new Canon EOS 70D SLR camera for its first official travel shoot.

costa cafe coffee


First, we stopped at Costa Cafe for some coffee and a snack. I had two granola bars and Fatima had a muffin. We browsed a little shop with a nautical theme then made our way to the tall ships.

on a ship liverpool riverfest

We boarded a ship and suddenly the sky ripped open with a 4-plane aerial performance! The airplanes drew smoke lines across the sky and performed dangerous acrobatic stunts. At one point they drew an enormous heart in the sky. There were tons of people about and we moved along with the crowd to take more photos.

liverpool acrobatic pilots

liverpool riverfest airplane show

liverpool airplane show smoketrails

We passed the docks toward the museums and city hall “Liver Building” with its twin towers topped by huge heavy Liver birds, the symbol of Liverpool.

liverpool liver building and dock

liverbird clocktower

liverbird statue

liverpool riverfest waterfront concert stage

There was a large concert stage with the Rat Pack Live – Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Junior impersonators. They were great and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

vegan vegetarian food truck-liverpool

falafel plate

eating falafel

We saw several food trucks including one selling vegan meals. We went there and bought falafel pita wraps. They were so delicious with pine nuts and raisins! We sat on the ledge, listened to the show and ate our lunch.

museum of liverpool

prehistoric elk

fatima ice cream truck

liverpool waterfront walk

Around 3pm we headed over to the Convention Centre to set up Fatima’s tradeshow booth. We stopped briefly at the Liverpool Museum along the way, then walked along the river’s edge towards the centre. Suddenly the airplanes buzzed by again as we watched a game of kayak basketball with much cheering.

riverside convention centre water polo

kayak water polo

kayaker water polo

I helped Fatima set up the booth. When they printed our badges, Fatima gave her name, “Fatima Beatty.” When they asked mine, I said “Daman” to which they asked, “last name?” and I said, it’s the same. So they printed “Daman Daman” on my badge.

daman badge convention centre

After setup we rushed to the hotel quickly to change for a wine reception where they brought out all the attendees. Later we rested at ‘home’ then set out for dinner around 9pm.

liverpool hotel

Most of the restaurant/bars kitchens had closed but we found this great little place called Gusto. We each had pasta and it was amazing.

maritime museum anchor liverpool

After dinner we strolled the waterfront and took some night shots. I finished reading Into the Wild and wrote in my travel journal.

Time for sleep.

Photo Album: Liverpool Riverfest

(View on Flickr)

A Golden New Years Day in Golden Ears Provincial Park

What a spectacular way to start off New Years Day, 2015! The sun shone brightly over this beautiful province today. When I looked out my window on the 33rd floor of Ultra Tower in downtown Surrey, British Columbia I could see the snowy peaks of the Golden Ears Mountains. On days like this, the wilderness calls to me, and I must go… and Fatima joined me! [View on Flickr]

“Golden Ears” is a bastardization of the original name given to main peak of Mount Blanshard, which was “Golden Eyries” (eyrie meaning a lofty nest of an eagle, in this case golden eagles observed nearby). Mount Blanshard was named by Lieut. Richard Charles Mayne in 1859, in honour of the first governor of the colony of Vancouver Island.

Why is the area called Golden “Ears” then? There is a twin peaked mountain beside Mount Blanshard called Edge Peak (named for Sam Edge who climbed it in 1876) and people got mixed up thinking that the double peaks were “ears” and “golden” because they light up around sunset. This is actually a great reason to call it Golden Ears!

Melody of a mother’s heart

A poem by Bérangère Maïa Parizeau

Heavenly love
mystic rhythms, heartbeats
in her womb, your first melody
primordial sounds of joy!
sacred-egg, fertility, white-mother-goddess

The white goddess
a young maiden in bloom
dance! Fairy! dance!
In the radiance of mystical-union
a soul-child descends from heaven!

Her flowers split open…
the maiden is now in full bloom!
coming into this world, tears-crying!
her embrace like honey-fragrance
in this world of seasons
you are her most-precious jade-mirror

She teaches you everything subtle
the secrets of the pine shoots and flowerlets!
The poetry of the elves
and that the world is in everything…
Playfulness, desire and passion
she is so proud to see that you are flying with your own wings…

One day, after seasons of poesy…
Life cycle, in full ring!
Spiritual death, her earthling-body perished!
fecund mother, fertile soil
she moves through the clouds and dreams
a ceremony that will neither be forgotten nor repeated
receptive in symbolic forms, the rain cleans her shrine
in the same way it cleanses your elvish-tears

Can you feel her loving-kindness in the winter-winds?

WATCH: Billy Botox & Kaboom Atomic: The Game Genies

Watch All 5 Episodes of the Game Genies Web Series Right Here

Billy Botox and Kaboom Atomic are the 2pac lovin’ Game Genies; hip-hop’s illest, sickest, unhealthiest dollar-store gangstas on the mic. Desperate to “blow up”, these wannabe rappers will imitate everything they’ve seen work before in rap culture. Only two people believe in them however…them!

Episode 1: Ballin’


Episode 2:Girls


Episode 3: GANGSTA


Episode 4: ’93


Episode 5: DEAD


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Drinking Beers with Billy Wickman from Hell on Wheels
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Yuk Yuk’s Vancouver: Game Genies Host Yo! Vancity Laughs

Yo! Vancity Laughs - Hip Hop Comedy at Yuk Yuk’s!
Hip Hop Comedy at Yuk Yuk’s! October 27, 2014.

Yo! Vancity Laughs – Hip Hop Comedy at Yuk Yuk’s!

Comedians all want to rock a crowd, rappers want ‘em to laugh out loud — the Twain shall never 2pac.

Yo! Vancity Laughs at Yuk Yuk’s Comedy club is Vancouver’s premier melting pot of hip hop and stand up comedy.

Yo Vancity Laughs - Yuk Yuk's

Canada’s hottest comedians, along with a live DJ, provide unique perspectives on the genre so that audiences don’t need to love rap to laugh at it.

WATCH: The Complete Game Genies Web Series on Beatler.com

Game Genies Satirical Rap Group
Your Hosts, Billy Botox and Kaboom Atomic, stars of online show, the Game Genies.

While the hype is real, the hosts are not— parody rap duo Game Genies spit satirical musical interludes that keep it turnt up. This original night of hip hop hilarity is not to be slept on, for real.

The next show is Monday, October 27 at Yuk Yuk’s comedy club in the Cambie Village (2837
Cambie). This month features Jy Harris, Brendan Bourque, Kwasi Thomas, and Colin Sharp,
with DJ Alex Smith and Game Genies. Arrive early for doors and music at 7pm, and share a
bucket of beer before curtains at 8pm.

Yuk Yuk's VanCity Laughs October 27

Venue: Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club 2837 Cambie street (@12th Avenue)!
Date: Monday, October 27th!
Time: Doors 7pm, show 8pm!
Price: $10 at the door

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WATCH: Drinking Beers with Billy (Botox) Wickman from Hell on Wheels

Drinking Beers with Billy Wickman from Hell on Wheels
Daman Beatty (Beatler) from Surrey604 drops by the home of Surrey’s own actor, rapper and comedian, Billy Wickman, who plays Heckard on the hit AMC show, Hell on Wheels.

We Love Your Boobies, So #CHECKYOURSELFIE

Breast Exam App Raising Cancer Awareness

The Keep A Breast Check Yourself! App created by Vancouver based Keep A Breast Canada (the ladies behind the popular “I Love Boobies” program) is used to get young women under 40 engaged in breast health. Although most Canadian women don’t start having regular mammogram appointments until they are 40, according to the Canadian Cancer Society 4,408 women under 40 are diagnosed each year in Canada.

Keep A Breast Canada has created this smartphone app to help educate young women about breast cancer and get them accustomed to doing monthly self checks.

This is the first time this breast cancer awareness campaign that aims to speak to young women under 40 is operating in Canada – the highly successful international campaign has been running in the US for years but is taking off here now too! This year Keep A Breast has launched the smart phone app to help keep up the education and awareness all year long.

Bif Naked’s Story:

Bif Naked's story
Read: Bif Naked Shares How She Accidentally Discovered Her Own Breast Tumor…

How To Participate:

Download the app Keep A Breast Check Yourself! and use it to post a #CHECKYOURSELFIE photo to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. This is a clothed photo of yourself, placing three fingers to your breast, symbolizing your monthly commitment to do a self-breast exam

Photo-pledges accompanied by the caption #CHECKYOURSELFIE will be posted on social media and feed into KABC’s educational website, CHECKYOURSELFIE.CA.

The app (available in English, Spanish, French & Japanese) is available as a free download on iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices via the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

This app helps you establish your own routine and approach to the breast self-check. It teaches you the best ways to check your boobies and schedules an automatic monthly reminder at the same time.



In Canada, 1 in 9 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Of those women, 19% will be under 50 years of age, according to The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

For young people age 39 and under, breast cancer screening, education and prevention methods are not discussed, not commonly recommended, and still not spoken about by most breast cancer non-profits.

In Canada, 4,408 women under 40 are diagnosed each year (Canadian Cancer Society).

Earlier detection of breast cancer provides more treatment options for women. The 5-year survival rate is 88%, according to the Canadian Cancer Society.

With 40% of diagnosed breast cancers being self-detected (according to the John Hopkins Medical Center), establishing what is “normal” for you is an important step to knowing your body. Knowledge is Power.

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