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The Winds of Trade Blow Strong in Surrey


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By Amir Alagheband

At Endurance Wind Power, we see value in things that others might take for granted.

Harnessing the power of the wind, for instance, has enabled Endurance turbines worldwide to generate more than half a gigawatt of clean energy – that’s enough to power almost every lightbulb in Surrey!

Endurance traces its origins to a group of entrepreneurs who identified a growing market for distributed wind that others overlooked. Compared to utility-scale wind farms, our turbines are ideal for distributed wind power, where energy is consumed close to where it is produced. Farms, hospitals and schools around the world use our turbines to cut costs and reduce their environmental footprint.

Additionally, Endurance has capitalized on our proximity to critical trade infrastructure. Our Campbell Heights facility is situated along a trade corridor critical to the company’s supply chain, and access to a robust maritime trade network is essential for our operations and growth. However, this feature of the local business landscape also goes unrecognized all too often.

While most of our turbines are manufactured right here in Surrey, many of the component parts come from abroad—meaning Endurance, like other domestic manufacturers, relies on Port Metro Vancouver to import essential materials.

People may not realize that Canada’s largest port is right in our backyard. That Port Metro Vancouver supports nearly one in every five dollars of traded goods that flow in and out of our country, providing a vital link for local businesses to the global economy.

Because BC has been blessed with an abundance of hydro power, wind power is actually less economical here than in other locations. For that reason, almost all of Endurance’s growth has come from outside Canada. We depend on the port to ship our turbines to foreign markets, including the US and EU, as well as the UK, where we have been able to capture 75 per cent of the distributed wind market.

Lastly, our company has also benefited from the backing of the City of Surrey and local business proponents, like the Surrey Board of Trade, whose efforts can also go unnoticed. Surrey’s innovative Clean Energy Hub, and the Surrey Board of Trade’s ongoing advocacy on behalf of the local business community, are indicative of this municipality’s broader commitment to fostering a green economy that produces jobs and supports local manufacturing.

According to the City of Surrey, the B.C. clean tech space generates approximately $750 million in revenues and employs more than 3,000 people, including our 80 employees in Surrey.

Endurance’s operations also span the manufacturing industry. Our Surrey facility has an annual capacity of 400 turbines, and is a focal point for value-added manufacturing. With a highly standardized assembly process, we have been able to increase efficiency without sacrificing product quality: each turbine must pass 700 inspection points, and is subject to rigorous testing under simulated high wind conditions.

As Endurance prepares to build its 1200th wind turbine this year, it presents an occasion for us to celebrate all those unsung forces that have contributed to our ongoing success.

That includes local partners, such as our host city and the Surrey Board of Trade, as well as essential infrastructure like Port Metro Vancouver, all of which are critical to the supply chain operations of countless businesses across the region, and enable us to continue delivering sustainable energy solutions to customers worldwide.

Amir Alagheband is the Senior Vice President, Global Operations, Endurance Wind Power.

Endurance Facility 1 copy
Wind turbine under construction at Endurance Wind Power facility in Surrey, BC.
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