Dr. Jagessar Das Speaks on Mystic Poet Saint Satguru Kabir (1398 – 1518)

Dr. Jagessar Das will be speaking at the South Fraser Unitarian Congregation tomorrow (Sunday, March 04, 2012 10.00am) on the topic of Satguru Kabir.


About Satguru Kabir (1398 – 1518)

Satguru Kabir (1398 – 1518) was one of the most famous mystic and poetic saints of India. He taught people to wake up to the reality of the Self or Soul, that it is of God, and that we need to realize our unity with Him. Realization of this unity would lead us to realize our unity with the whole of creation, for all are the manifestations of God, the Omnipresent.

He taught absolute non-violence, love for all creatures, fearlessness in spiritual life and of death, universal brotherhood, freedom from superstitions etc. His focus was not so much prayer to God, but exhortation to us to not waste this life, but to obtain liberation through transformation of our heart, and “going inside” in meditation.


About the Speaker – Dr. Jagessar Das

Dr. Jagessar Das

Dr. Das is a retired M. D. who graduated from UBC in 1962. He did family practice for 42 years in North Delta/Surrey.

Prior to, and since retirement, he has been involved in religious activities, speaking on religion and spirituality in weekly congregations at the Guru Kabir Centre, and also lectured in other cities.

He produced a 13-part series on world religions titled “Religious Horizons” for Rogers TV, was interviewed on other TV programs, wrote five books on the philosophy of Kabir, and presented a paper titled “Religions as the Gateway To Peace” at a Montreal Conference named “World Religions After September 11.” In 2010 he received the Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award. He is currently president of Global Clergy Association of Canada, and Chair, Board of Trustees of the Guru Kabir Association of Canada.


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