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Cruise Crooner at Surrey Central

If you travel by bus or SkyTrain via Surrey Central Station you may have seen a tall, well dressed man with a scooter and amp parked nearby, singing Sinatra songs and spreading joy and love.

His name is Cruise Crooner.

Cruise Crooner

He’s got an amp, a mic and a scooter to cruise his music around our town!

Cruise Crooner

It was a beautiful Spring Sunday in Whalley today.

Walking home from lunch at Central City, I met Cruise, also known as Patrick Walsh as he sang into his mic.

I grabbed my iPhone to capture his performance and got to know him a little better. Cruise sings to spread positivity and welcome those arriving in our community. I hope to see more of him over the summer! He has a beautiful voice. See for yourself.

Singin’ and Dancin’ in Downtown Whalley

Cruise Crooner – An Irish Song for Mothers

My Mom is coming to visit me this week from New Brunswick so it was fitting that Cruise sang this lovely and moving Irish song for us about appreciating mothers!

Vote Cruise Crooner for Canada’s Got Talent!

Cruise has a “revolutionary sound with a touch of class”. His website, cruisecrooner.com describes him as such:

Improvisational poetry and lyricism. These are the tools used by Vancouver local Patrick Walsh. A life-time performer and artist, he now seeks to present this classic style of music in a bold new way. Performing at events across the lower mainland this ‘Cruise Crooner’ uses his powerful stage-presence and up-beat personality to fuse a nostalgic sound with improv and comedy.

Walsh was born in Nova Scotia and now lives nearby in Whalley. He comes from a creative family. His brother writes for the Chronicle Herald newspaper in Halifax, and another brother also sings in Calgary.

Patrick, if you read this, please comment below to tell us more about your musical plans for our community!

Daman Beatty
The creator of Surrey604.com, Daman Beatty (AKA 'Beatler') is originally from Sackville, New Brunswick. A longtime media producer, visual designer, marketing and communications specialist, Daman loves travel, technology and being a Daddy.