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Surrey is a tight-knit and vibrant community, a haven for the people who call the area home. Many Vancouverites, not being familiar with the area, rarely venture into Surrey. And they’re missing out — with its endless range of top-quality restaurants, dazzling clothing boutiques and a state-of-the-art library, Surrey has many offerings that make it an ideal area to live and to visit.Jas Cheema“It’s a great place to raise your family,” said Jas Cheema, leader of diversity services for Fraser Health. Born in India, Cheema has lived in Surrey for 25 years and has raised her own family there. “There are lots of recreational opportunities and programs for young kids. It’s home.”With Cheema as a guide, Anja Konjicanin, Director of Social Media and writer for the Vancouver Observer took to the streets of Surrey to find out the best places to eat, shop and find entertainment in its South Asian neighbourhoods.

Almost immediately, she introduced Anja to 128 Street, which seemed to have it all – from high-end clothing shops to budget grocery stores. “It’s Little India, all in one block,”  Cheema laughed. She said that she often goes to the textile shop to get fabrics, and near by, you can get your eyebrows done for just $2.

“Most of the businesses here are South Asian owned,” Cheema said, gesturing towards the surrounding glass buildings.

Here is the Vancouver Observer pick of the top places to visit while in Surrey:

1. Made In India

Photos by Parisa Azadi

From sarees to lehengas (long skirt), new brides can find all sorts of fabulous dresses for their big day. Mini crystals handstiched on the fabric, known as “zircons”, border the sarees, while tiny ornaments hang from the sleeves of lehengas of all colours.

But this ladies store isn’t only about bridal wear. It’s an extensive selection of dresses for any event. And the pieces are shipped all the way from India. While some are affordable at $299, others are on the pricy side, at $1,399. If you want to pick up something pretty on the cheap, a fancy bangle set is only $10.

Made in India
Rajesh and Simmi Sharma
#104-8312 128 Street
Hours: Mon/Wed, Thurs-Sun: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Luckey Shokar, sales associate at Made In India, displays the store’s sumptuous offerings


2. Maharaja

Chef Rajpal making Naan Bread

A popular lunch place, Maharaja has been serving traditional Indian cuisine since 2009. The sweet smell of the buffet and the warmth which escapes from the kitchen adds to the homey feel and charm of this family-owned restaurant.

“We come here often, at least once a month for lunch,” Bonnie Dhaliwal, mortgage specialist at RBC, said.

“They have such a variety at their buffet, so we usually go for the buffet, and they also have quite a few choices with the dessert as well.” She had the sugary Jalebis for dessert. “They’re very good – nice and hot, just the way I like them.”

While Dhaliwal lives in Richmond, she works at the Surrey branch.  “I love it, I get most of my business from Surrey,” she said. “This is the place to be; it’s a growing place, love the cultural part of it, as well.”

The restaurant owner built his reputation as a caterer, and catering is still a large part of the business. He has a contract with the Wall Centre, Fairmont, Four Seasons, and other major hotels downtown.

Carrot Halwa, Jalebi, Gulab Jaman on our dessert plate

Payal Business Centre
Unit 407, 8148 128 Street
Hours: Mon-Sun: 11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.


3. Grand Taj Banquet Hall

From political functions to engagement parties to fundraisers, it all happens at the Grand Taj. “Former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin was here,”said Sucha S. Padda, vice president of the Grand Taj. Surrey mayor’s annual event also takes place at the hall. “They launched their campaign here,” Cheema said.

The Grand Taj offers in-house and offsite catering, DJ, bar, decorations, limousines.

Grand Taj Banquet Hall
#6, 8388 128 Street
Hours: Tue-Sun: 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.


4. Kamal’s Video Palace (KVP)

Kamal Sharma shows off his extensive film selection

It’s the only place in Vancouver that sells original DVDs. Inside, faces of legendary singers like Asha Bhosle and Geeta Dutt glisten on supersizedposters which hang from the ceiling.

“Everything here is original, either from India, U.K. or States,” KamalSharma, producer of Yaadeih and Kamal’s Top 5 Hits on Shaw Multicultural Channel, said. “The majority of the people are actually selling bootlegs, the ones you download.” His films don’t have the glitches of DVDs you might be picking up elsewhere for $5.

He said that his current top three sellers are “Singham” , “Ready” and “Dabangg.” “They’re the three best hits,” Sharma said.

“The biggest superstar in India at the moment is actor Salman Khan,”
said Cheema, adding with a giggle: “Every woman’s hearthrob.”

Salman Khan, Photo sourced from

“This year, so far, the biggest hit is his movie, Ready. Last year, the biggest hit was his film which was, Dabangg, and on E! special release is his new one called, Bodyguard.”

He added Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan to the list of big names of the industry.

Sharma has been in Surrey since 1999, and he said that while every city has its ups and downs, the best thing about his area was that “communities here are living peacefully.”

Kamal’s Video Palace
#103-8268 120 Street
Hours: Wed-Mon: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.


5. Tasty Indian Bistro

A cup of warm Chai is enough to revatalize yourself after a long day.

On the cusp of Delta,Tasty Indian Bistro, with its exquisite traditional cusine, is known for its homemade style of cooking.

“So, people really know that it’s made with love and care, and they come back because of that, and so the competition hasn’t really affected them,” Cheema said. Rectangular cushions which glitter from each table add to that at-home feeling.

While they just opened three weeks ago at their new location, the restaurant has been around for 11 years. Though lunch time is busy, evenings tend to be busier, and despite not advertising, they are full every night. It’s a good thing: “We spent lots of money.”

The gorgeous interior design makes the Bistro a favorite hangout spot.

Tasty Indian Bistro
8295 120 Street
Hours: Mon-Sun: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.


6. Surrey City Centre Library

Melanie Houlden, deputy chief librarian for the Surrey Libraries

They’re calling it the future “downtown” of Vancouver because of its central location and growing vigour. Designed by the famous Bing Thom, it’s a mirror into the future, a ravishing piece of art. Just minutes from the Skytrain, it is the new cool place to hang.

It has everything: a wireless cafe, a living room and reading lounge, gaming activities, SFU facilities, ultra-comfy luna chairs, and even a meditation room.

“This is set up as a bit of an auditorium, so we could do author readings, or lectures,” Melanie Houlden, deputy chief librarian for the Surrey Libraries, said, as she pointed to the stair-like structure below.

“Or, if people want to have their weddings in here…” she trailed off, laughing.
Their old Whalley library could be seen below, shabby by comparison. “It’s fabulous to be able to replace that building with this one. That place had 10 public computers — this place has got 80.”

The spacious 82,000 square feet building was designed for the future, as the initially proposed 65,000 square-foot library is expected to outgrow Surrey’s population in five years.

Houldon talked about the library’s plans to have a “living library,” an idea which came from Denmark.

“The concept is that people carry around lots of ideas and experiences in their heads, a lot of knowledge that they can then share with other people,” she said. “The original intention of it was to break down barriers and get past stereotypes.”

Melanie Houlden, top and right, with Jas Cheema, centre. 

Surrey City Centre Library
10350 University Drive,
Surrey, BC V3T 4B8
Hours: Monday – Friday: 9:30 am – 9pm
Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm, Sunday: 1 – 5 pm

This is a guest post from Anja Konjicanin, based on her original Vancouver Observer article Beautiful Surrey, B.C.: a visitor’s guide dated Aug 30th, 2011.

Anja Konjicanin<Anja Konjicanin is the Vancouver Observer‘s Director of Social Media and writer with an interest in current events, celebrity gossip and everything pop-culture related. Look out for her new column, “5 Minutes With…”

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