Surrey604 Sits Down With: CC Goddess

A beautiful warm Spring evening in Holland Park was the perfect backdrop for our interview and live set with CC Goddess. CC is a Singer/Songwriter from Dubai who moved with her family to Surrey at 16 years old. She’s lived in the midst of rich culture and people from all walks of life, but what has remained constant is her passion for music.

CC Goddess

It only takes a few minutes of being with CC to realize that her love of music is closely tied to what she values in life: peace, compassion, awareness and light. CC is on the verge of creating something profound through her music for her humanitarian and environmental causes.

CC Goddess with friend and collaborator, Good For Grapes singer, Graham Gomez.

Her friend and collaborator, Graham Gomez treated us to a moving live performance of two songs, ‘You’ and ‘Us’. There is no doubt that these two are as CC describes, ‘Sympatico’. Meaning resonates through the music they give to each other. It was truly an inspiring moment as I witnessed the flow of their creative energy during their performance. We were very appreciative for the opportunity to enjoy a private acoustic set from CC and Graham.

Video: CC Goddess & Graham Gomez Perform “You”

You’ is a heartfelt expression about bullying and violence and its long lasting effects. CC penned this song shortly after high school as an expression on behalf of a friend who was bullied. It is a tribute to the lost souls who have succumbed to bullying and their loved ones who struggle with its realities.

Video: CC Goddess & Graham Gomez Perform “Us”

‘Us’, with its folk-influenced melody celebrates world unity. Inspired through her regular meditation practice, CC wrote this song last year about entering an age where people are more self aware and becoming more connected to each other.

CC’s current project brings awareness to the state of our oceans and its inhabitants, working towards global change.  Her determined team is in full force, ‘reaching out to the community and artists to bring peace to our oceans,” says CC. CC’s, ‘Angel of the Sea’ is inspired by the Oscar winning documentary, The Cove. The critically acclaimed film exposes the senseless and secret slaughtering of dolphins in the Taiji region of Japan. Through a partnership with the Oceanic Preservation Society, CC is dedicated to empowering people through social media to support this movement.

CC Goddess

Get to know CC Goddess, her music, and her cause.  Watch the full interview (below) plus CC’s exclusive live performances for Surrey604 (above), featuring Graham Gomez from Surrey band, Good for Grapes.

Video: Fatima Interviews CC Goddess with Graham Gomez

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Photography at Holland Park by Esmir Milavic & Robert Kaiser

Fatima Beatty
Fatima was born and raised in Surrey. She is a yoga fanatic and loves aromatherapy. Her professional experiences are in Community Development, Communications/Marketing, & Human Resources. Fatima has been an active volunteer within the community for several years. With a passion for the creative and a love for the entrepreneurial spirit, Fatima is excited to bring something new to our city.