Job Tips:For A SFU Student From Abroad

Guest Contributor: Cho Wang
Cho Wang is a fourth year business undergraduate of the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University. Originally from China, Cho moved to Canada to complete High School and University. Her participation in SFU’s co-op program placed her in a position with a new media company in the New Delhi region of India. Cho is an example of SFU students who engage the world! Surrey604 is excited to share Cho’s valuable tips on summer job searches from the point of view of a student from abroad.


Classes are out and summer has arrived. It feels great to close the text books, but new challenges lie ahead. Hunting for summer jobs can be frustrating and as someone with English as a second language it can be even more daunting.

Last year, I participated in Simon Fraser University’s co-op program that provided me with “real world” experience relevant to my studies. As a business undergrad at the Beedie School of Business, I was able to travel to India to work with a new media company in the New Delhi region.  Before getting the job, I spent many hours preparing for my trip.

The SFU program provided me with an engaging experience that also honed my job seeking skills. Read a few of my tips – they can help you find post grad, co-op or summer work:

  1. Professional Resume. A good resume will not exceed two pages. Highlight academic courses or projects and emphasize the skills you used, techniques you’ve adopted and the impact you brought to the companies or cases.
  2. Revise and re-write. As a non native English speaker, I made numerous revisions to my resume before I felt confident enough to send to potential employers. I sought advice from SFU advisors and recommend all job seekers to have a second set of eyes review resumes and cover letters for each and every application.
  3. Embrace culture. Be proud of your multi-cultural background but remember to practice. Going into an interview many ESL students may feel intimidated. Communicate your ideas to another person ahead of the interview. Many employers see the cultural benefit that international students can bring to their organization. Be confident.
  4. Research. If you are travelling abroad for the job, remember to do as much reading as possible before you start. Bring copies of your work visa and identification to avoid any administration problems when you arrive.
  5. Ask questions. Take notes and pick up as much as possible from the experience.

For more information on SFU’s Co-op program visit:

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