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Torque-in ‘bout a Revolution



Contributor: Gurpreet Kambo   @gurpreet_kambo
Gurpreet was raised in Surrey, BC. He is an avid traveller, writer and (some would say) ‘professional student’ who can’t quite figure out what single thing he’s most passionate about…because there’s too many of them!  His writing often focuses on culture (pop and otherwise) and social and political issues.  He believes Surrey is a far underrated city, and hopes to help you recognize this through his writing.Gurpreet is a modest guy who brings a lot to the table! He has written articles on various topics for the Capilano Courier where he was also the News Editor. Gurpreet has an eye for unique stories and we can’t for what he comes up with next. Welcome, Gurpreet! – Editor

An unusually high amount of black leather and thick moustaches were seen in the Central City Mall parking lot last Saturday. The (mostly) furry-lipped patrons had taken over a section of the parking lot to display their two-wheeled passion projects as part of the ‘1st Annual Central City Motorcycle Show N’ Shine.’ The show, which was organized by the BC Coalition of Motorcyclists (BCCOM), was a featured part of Surrey Fest.

Adele Tompkins, Executive Director of BCCOM, was involved with organizing the show. For the past seven years, BCCOM also organized the Gastown Show N’ Shine, an event which has now been suspended. “[After we were discontinued] I was approached by the mall to see if we wanted to be part of Surrey Fest,” said Adele Tompkins, Executive Director of BCCOM. “So this is our first and it won’t be our last, but I think what we’re planning on doing next year is having a stand-alone Show n’ Shine in August, when the weather is nice.”

“Look at these people who showed up on a day like today,” she said, noting the rain. “That shows how much they love motorcycles.”

The event had about 15 entrants, and trophies were given for different categories of bikes. Mitch Hart, who was awarded the overall ‘Best Bike’ trophy, came all the way from Nelson, BC to participate in the event. His bike’s engine is what’s called a Harley Davidson ‘Knucklehead’ manufactured in 1939, so-called because the round knobs on the cover resemble knuckles. “It’s a Harley V-Twin built in ’39 so it’s kinda primitive. Talkin 73 years old. Brakes and lot of running gears are upgraded, still has an old look about it,” he says.

“It’s been a long time,” says Hart about his motorcycling career. “I’m 73 years old, and I’ve been riding for 50 plus years, I’m actually the same age as that bike. [Working on the bike was] very time consuming, I spent months… I’ve got four months of daily work on it.” When asked about how much a project like this costs, he says “I don’t know if you can put a price on it. It’s obviously not done for resale particularly. It’s a passion and it’s for the love of doing it rather than the financial reward.”

Shane Kutzy, an entrant from our very own City of Surrey, is like a younger, real-life Doc Brown.  He won the Special Interest award with a convoluted and unique looking contraption that only resembles a motorcycle in that it has two wheels, though he does not hesitate to display his passion about it.  “[My bike] is called the RAT bike, as in ‘Recycled Alternative Transportation.  [I call it that because] it’s all found and recycled materials or scrap materials that I’ve gotten over the years. Took me about three years to build,” he says, noting that he’s put about 200-300 hours into it, along with a similar amount of money.  “I bought the drive-train components, nuts and bolts and then all the rest was basically found and free.”  He adds that the bike isn’t street-legal, due to not having the proper lights, horn, signals or other basic components a road-ready vehicle requires.

Kutzy is clearly proud of how much of the bike is made up of unique salvaged and found parts.  He emphasized that many of the parts he found by chance, because on some days he left his house with the mindset of “’I want coffee, and I want to go out and find something,” he explains, “so I went down the street to the Tim Hortons and sure enough I find some tubing.” He welded the chassis himself from scrap metal he obtained at a machine shop where he worked, and about the seat on the bike, he says he “found in the alley – it’s actually from an office chair, those fancy leather ones.” The engine is also atypical for one found on a motorcycle “[It’s] what they call a six and a half force Honda clone… it’s meant for go-karts basically.”

One of the many noticeably unusual things about his motorcycle is that the front tire is much smaller and narrower than the other.  “My rear tire is actually a Chrysler standard 5 bolt spare tire, and likewise I found it while coming home from work one day.”  The front tire is set up just like a bicycle, with an actual bicycle wheel sitting between two metal forks.  For a motorcycle this is an extremely unusual setup which he decided to use for practical reasons. “It would be difficult to make a setup where I had another spare and put it on the front. I’d have to build some kind of bearings and a hub to hold on to it because it’s meant for a car.  With a bicycle, it already has that kind of assembly together, so I can just make something around it.  A lot of this is actually just taking something and working around it.” When asked why he didn’t just go with motorcycle tires, he says “Money. I didn’t have a lot of money, and I was like ‘I can do this cheap’.”

This is Kutzy’s  first bike that he has built or owned. “Overall it is an unconventional design.   I just kind of went with it. Sometimes creative people, they’ve got an idea,” he says.

I like to build stuff, this is kinda my thing. I had my mind set – “I’m gonna build a motorcycle.”  However he has no plans to stop now that he’s made one. “A street-legal machine. A brand new, home-built motorcycle that will be street legal.  That’s what my goal is now.”

Connect with the BC Coalition of Motorcyclists for more information and events.



Surrey fruit trees neglected no more: Sources Food Hub offers free pruning workshop



To kick off the 2020 growing season, Sources Food Hub is offering a new and free resource. Fruit tree owners in Surrey are invited to attend a pruning workshop to learn how to take better care of their fruit-bearing trees while supporting our community at the same time.

This workshop, to be held on January 25 (1 to 3 p.m.) at the Historic Stewart Farm in South Surrey, is part of Sources Food Hub’s Community Harvest Program – a gleaning service to actively rescue food that might otherwise be wasted.

“During the growing season in Surrey and with the support of volunteers, we pick plums, apples and other fruit from the trees of residences and farms, who are unable or too busy to harvest it or simply happy to donate the fresh food,” said Denise Darrell, Executive Director of Community Services at SOURCES.

Tree owners can keep one-third of the harvest if they want, and the rest is distributed to local charities including Sources White Rock/South Surrey Food Bank, where fresh produce can be challenging to provide for the more than 600 people who use their services each week.

“The harvested produce that our Food Bank receives from the Food Hub is a blessing, as it allows us to offer healthy, fresh choices to the people who come to us for help. It’s a win-win – the tree owners also stand to gain from healthier trees, better fruit, and bigger yields,” Darrell said.

Interested fruit tree owners are asked to contact or 604-596-0973 to register for the workshop. Residents who are interested in becoming a volunteer or donating the fruit from their trees to the Sources Food Hub this summer are also encouraged to get in touch. Learn more about Sources Food Hub at



In Canada, most recent estimates set the annual waste of edible food, across the farm to fork system, at about 11 million tons. Divide that number by Surrey’s population, and edible food waste in Surrey equals almost 170 million pounds each year. That’s enough to feed half of Surrey’s population for the next year!

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DFSIN BC Excellence Awards A Fun Filled Event



B.C. philanthropist and businessman Perminder Chohan, Managing Director of the Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network (DFSIN) BC, organized the annual DFSIN BC Excellence Awards on January 4th, 2020 to recognize and celebrate the achievements of his advisors at Dhaliwal Banquet Hall in Surrey, BC. The gala took off with a VIP reception for the advisors and some respected members of the community.

The evening was filled with fun, great food as many advisors were recognized and awarded for their achievements and milestones in the network.

Chohan made a special announcement about presenting his son, Armaan Chohan with a new title of Vice President of Sales and Business Development of DFSIN BC.

There were many special dance performances to entertain the guests, followed by everyone enjoying some good times on the dance floor, moving to the tunes of some upbeat Bollywood and Punjabi music.

More about DFSIN BC:

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2019 Christmas Shopping in Surrey



Fairy lights, Christmas carols all around, its the time for Christmas. And it feels magical. It gets better when Surrey fills with scores of events where you can delight your senses. So, if you are behind on Christmas shopping or cannot seem to find the perfect gift, you are in luck. You can get a ton of gifts and memories from these events. And while you are at it, you can borrow some ideas on decorating your home in readiness for Christmas. So whether you are looking for Christmas gifts for her, or hoping to bathe in Christmas anticipation, you are sorted for this holiday. Venues in and around Surrey will have events running one after the other, leading up to this joyous day. Here are some of the places you can visit in preparation for the holidays:

Glow: Indoor Christmas Festival

From 21st November, people living in Surrey and its environs have been able to take part in the largest indoor Christmas Festival. It takes place in Vancouver, and it will be in full gear up to 5th January 2020. That means you get enough time to glow and get Christmas presents for your loved ones.

This event will run for forty days, and it is all about having illuminated fun at the Harbor Convention Center. If you want a way to bond with your loved ones while seeking shelter from the cold, this is it. The arena spreads over a whopping 50,000 square feet, presenting an ideal environment for family and friends.

The theme for 2019 is Santa’s Lost Presents, and kids will have fun searching for clues in the trails. As they do this, adults can enjoy live music and drinks by the bars. At least one point five million guests will grace this event. What a delight!

Charity Gift Wrap Centre

From 7th December 2019 through to the 24th, you can have your gifts wrapped at the Charity Gift Wrap Center. It is part of a charity event, and all the proceeds from the sales will go to the Surrey Food Bank. Lions’ charities will also benefit from the same. Thus, you get to hit two birds with one stone. You give back and put a smile on your loved ones’ faces at the same time. Wrapping starts at two pounds, and you will find a wide selection of bag options.

Photos With Santa

This tradition never gets old, and you are probably reminiscing those days you sat on Santa’s lap. What was it you wanted back then? Did you get it? Well, Santa is around this year and has been as of 15th November. The fellow will be taking photos with the naughty and nice children till Christmas Eve at Central City Mall. You have ample time to come up with a wish list by then and present it to him. Have you been nice?

This year, Santa will be taking family photos, and you can book your place online. All you have to do is show up with your loved ones, not forgetting your pets. They, too, are family and should be part of the memories. Santa Land will be abuzz with activity at the mall center near Tim Hortons. Note, though, that he will operate during select hours. So you had best make it to the venue while he’s around. You can also book an evening photo session for your pets with the man in red. How cute is that!

There are many other events you can attend. Holiday shopping in Surrey has never been this easy and fun. Be sure to join in!

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You’re Invited To The Coastal Flood Adaptation Strategy Wrap-Up Event



It’s no doubt that climate change is a hot topic (no pun intended) and it should be. The proof we have of the planet’s rising temperature and Nature’s response to it is undeniable. We are proud to be living in a city that not only accepts our dire situation but proactively works to alleviate further destruction. One of the ways the City of Surrey is by developing a Coastal Flood Adaptation Strategy (CFAS) through a multi-phase community driven process. Over a busy and productive 3 years, the City has been helping residents, businesses and communities prepare for a changing climate in various capacities.

One of the initiatives of this program was to explore ways to increase the resilience of coastal communities, like Crescent Beach. We are happy to share that the CFAS is now complete.

Over 2000 people including residents, stakeholders, partners and international experts participated in CFAS. Join fellow Surrey residents and supporters on at the CFAS Wrap-Up Event Thursday November 28, 2019 from 5 pm to 7 pm at the South Surrey Rotary Fieldhouse at 2197 148 St. Learn more about the strategy and 13 capital projects that the city will be taking immediate action on to improve flood resilience within the coastal floodplain.

Surrey Wins Climate & Energy Action Award for CFAS

On September 25, 2019, the City of Surrey was awarded the Climate & Energy Action Award by the Community Energy Association for its leadership on climate resilience. Our city is the inaugural winner of the new Climate Adaptation award category for the Coastal Flood Adaptation Strategy and we couldn’t be more proud.

We know our readers are concerned about the environment and curious about what we as individuals and communities can do to protect our homes and businesses from rising sea levels, as we work toward lessening the damage incurred to our planet. We encourage you to take part in these civic dialogues to better understand how our City’s planning and implementation fulfills these needs.

Learn more about the CFAS Wrap-Up Event and mark Thursday November 28 on your calendar!


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Surrey Tree Lighting Festival is Bigger and Brighter than ever



Free family event offers new light displays and Youth Dance Showcase feature

Surrey, B.C. – Surrey Tree Lighting Festival, presented by Coast Capital Savings, announced today the new attractions guests can expect to see at this year’s free annual event. Additional attractions include a Light Tunnel, Enchanted Forest, Candy Cane Dance Tent, North Pole Stage, expanded Holiday Market and Village and a variety of new light installations. Surrey’s 60ft tall Christmas tree will light up at 6:30 p.m. live on CTV.

The entrance to the Holiday Fun Zone on University Drive will now include a Light Tunnel where guests can walk through and take photos. The area will also offer magical features and activities including an Enchanted Forest of illuminated trees and a Candy Cane Dance tent with an LED dance floor. Additionally, visitors can escape the cold and enjoy family-friendly and festive holiday activities in the Holiday Market and Village tent located on Civic Plaza. The tent will feature over 30 local vendors and crafters, activations, live performances and new interactive light features.

In partnership with Surrey Youth Dance Services, this year’s free event will feature pop up breakdance performances and dance showcases throughout the day. A 30-minute breakdance battle with a live DJ set will take place at 4pm at the Candy Cane Dance Tent where youth are encouraged to participate to win prizes. Located on University Drive, the North Pole Stage will showcase a blend of hip-hop and breakdancing acts alongside cultural dance performances including Indigenous youth group Kwel Eng Sen Dancers, the Mexican Dance Ensemble and female dance group Brazilian Swag.

“With the continuing growth of Surrey’s youth dance community, we are thrilled that we can offer a platform for youth to showcase their talent. We have some gifted youth in our community, and what better time to bring them together than the holidays,” says Mary Rukavina, Manager of Special Events and Film. “With the addition of the youth dance showcase, spectacular light displays and expanded features this year, Surrey’s Tree Lighting Festival will be one of the most memorable holiday traditions to attend.”

Additional highlights include a Ferris Wheel, live music, amusement rides, inflatables, family activities, road hockey, children’s crafts and cookie decorating at the Just Cakes Treat Zone located in the Holiday Market & Village Tent.

Surrey Tree Lighting takes place on Saturday November 23, 2019 at Surrey Civic Plaza. To allow for additional viewings of the light features, the festival will run an hour later from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

For more information and performance schedules visit

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