Titanic: A New Musical at TUTS

We had so much fun at TUTS The Music Man that we went back for more. This time it was Titanic: The New Musical. It was great to be back at Stanley Park, sitting on the lawn and enjoying a coffee… then the dark clouds started to roll in.

If you remember, last week we were hit with a crazy storm. Thunder, lightening, and heavy rains in the middle of summer! While most were in the comfort and dryness of their homes, Daman and I were in Stanley Park with a group of dedicated TUTS supporters, braving the elements for a night of musical theatre. Here we are…a ‘sea’ of ponchos:

Photo: TUTS

TUTS commemorates 100 years since the sinking of the Titanic with their production of Titanic: A New Musical.

 Photo: TUTS

The TUTS staff were very accommodating as we all realized that we would be in for an interesting backdrop for Titanic. Volunteers handed out rain ponchos to every guest and let us know that if we chose, we were welcome to come back another night to enjoy the show. I noticed that most people stayed and braved the storm for the sake of the Titanic. Pretty dramatic!

The show was somber yet insightful. Deeply serious but light-hearted too. The staging and backdrops added just the right amount of drama without being overpowering.

Photo: TUTS

Surrey resident, Cory Haas is a part of the Titanic production this year, playing Frank Carlson/J.H. Rogers.  Cory was raised in France, and was initially interested in becoming a commercial pilot, but decided to focus his study on theatre.

Corey Haas photo from TUTS

Cory has been acting for three years and his credits include: Man in 7 Stories, Frederick Fellows in Noises Off and The Crucible. He recently graduated from CapU, receiving an Acting for Stage and Screen Diploma; and currently working towards a Performing Arts Degree.

TUTS runs until Aug 18th so there are only a few more days left to enjoy the shows. Check their calendar for show dates and times. If you want a sneak peak of Titanic: A New Musical, check out the video below.

Fatima Beatty
Fatima was born and raised in Surrey. She is a yoga fanatic and loves aromatherapy. Her professional experiences are in Community Development, Communications/Marketing, & Human Resources. Fatima has been an active volunteer within the community for several years. With a passion for the creative and a love for the entrepreneurial spirit, Fatima is excited to bring something new to our city.