Interview with Rick Bains, Motivational Speaker

(VIDEO: Selena Sandhu interviews motivational speaker Rick Bains on the set of his documentary at SFU Surrey.)

If you want inspiration and guidance, look to motivational speaker Rick Bains to give you support and a fresh perspective.

I met Rick over 2 years ago at a youth leadership conference. Although I missed his presentation that day,  we connected through our passion for inspiring youth. Rick communicates his message of leadership with truth and intensity, sharing his personal experiences from his high school and young adult years.

Rick isn’t one of those cheesy motivational speakers who pop up on your computer screen in an attempt to sell you a collection of CDs. His ambition to drive social change within his community is commendable.  His mission is to help people achieve success and reach their full potential.

Rick Bains Motivational Speaker
(A video still from Rick Bains’ documentary filmed at SFU Surrey)

After hearing Rick speak several times over the past year, I’ve seen groups of fresh-faced students approach Rick with a passion to make a difference in their communities. I have witnessed youth taking immediate steps to organize fundraisers to support charities, pursue dream careers and work on self development. I can’t speak on behalf of the countless students who have been inspired by Rick, however I feel my  own motivations and ambitions have doubled as a result of his guidance.

Contact Rick at if you’d like to connect with him or to invite him to your event as a speaker. Follow him on twitter to find out where he’s speaking next! Don’t miss it.

Twitter: @RickBains
Facebook page: Motivational Speaker RICK BAINS

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