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Local Woman Gets Moms ‘Active’ on the West Coast

Local moms are getting a boost thanks to entrepreneur Samantha Gernhart. Gernhart, age 26, owner of successful marketing company, Clarity Marketing & Design, volunteers as an event organizer of free events for moms to get active.

After the birth of her son in February 2012 and getting the hang of being a new mom, Gernhart began to look for a way to get active and form friendships with other new mothers. After joining several local mom oriented ‘meet-ups’ on she still felt that something more could be done to serve women who were feeling the same way as her – alone in the world of being a brand new mother. After months of attending various groups, meetups and classes, Gernhart took control of a ‘meetup’ group online as “Volunteer Organizer” as a way to force herself to socialize with local women and their children. At that point, the ‘Surrey & Langley Active Moms’ group was formed, with 24 original members.

Now, with over 300 members and new members joining daily, ‘Surrey & Langley Active Moms’ is a free outlet for women to embrace a healthy lifestyle and socialize in a free, safe and fun manor. All moms are welcome, and in fact encourage, to bring their children with them. From newborn babies, to toddlers and older children, the group is inclusive and even welcomes expecting mothers to form friendships and get active.

Local mom, Kimberly Gleave, can speak to the community building of ‘Surrey & Langley Active Moms’: “I can ask questions about things like potty training tips etc. I have learnt about different baby things like babytime, swimming lessons, swap meets, mom co-ops etc. from other moms. This group is best thing I have stumbled upon since becoming a mom and I highly suggest it to every mom I meet who is not already in the group!”

As a busy business owner and new mom, Samantha Gernhart still manages to organize between 1 – 3 events for “Surrey & Langley Active Moms” each week which have a group of dedicated mothers, as well as newcomers, attending.

You can find more information on the group through the Meetup group: or visit the Facebook Page:

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