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BurnOuts in the Sky Memorial Show and Shine

Bradley McPherson


Bradley McPherson Memorial Scholarship Fund


AUGUST 24TH, 2013 10AM to 5PM

Cloverdale Fairgrounds (Coverall next to Agriplex) 64th/176 ave

CARS TRUCKS AND BIKES $20.00 per vehicle*

Passengers   $5.00 each Walk-Ins $5.00 10 and under free


PEOPLES   CHOICE awards and prizes











Brad’s Story…..

Brad attended along with approx. 50+ people an after hour’s party in Surrey of the morning of Christmas Eve. For those of you who do not know what an after hours party is. It’s a house set up just for the one purpose to invite people to after all bars are closed. They serve alcohol to make money for their own gain, these house parties are not licensed and there is no security. Generally they are rented homes and landlords are unaware of the goings on in theses rental homes.

A group of people who were not invited showed up to the party. Shortly after Bradley McPherson arrived at this house party and said hi to a few friends, he witnessed a confrontation with another guest and the host of the home.  Bradley being the type of stand up guy he was and always watching out for others made a comment to the person/s who was disrupting the party and being disrespectful to stop and show some respect. Brad did NOT know any of these people in this group. One of these person/s took offense to Brad calling him out on his actions and turned on him and took his life. No reason no cause just shot him for standing up to a Bully. It has taken just over a year and a half but FINALLY an arrest and charge has been made for Bradley’s murder.  Imagine this was your brother, son, uncle or loved one, everyone thinks that it can’t happen to them but it can and I’ve witnessed 1st hand the devastation this senseless act has caused to a family.  I know some may assume that he must have been involved in some gang or drug trade but that is NOT the case at all!! He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Being a hero per say standing up to a Bully and for this he paid for with his life. Brad was just a young man out to enjoy and evening with his friends, he was NOT involved in any gang or drug related group.

What we do know is that he was the most loyal and fun loving guy out there and a young man who loved his family so very much. To the douche bag coward that took his life…you took the life away from so many more….Jennie and Mariah will never see or share joy with there brother any more and Lincoln will forever miss his uncle Brad and our dear lil Bradleigh his niece he never got to meet will miss out so much as well but always be his namesake.  Sue will never see her sons infectious smile or see him accomplish his goals and dreams and never again will she be able to tell him how proud of him she is or tell him how much she loves him! All for what??

Brad grew up with all the normal challenges of a normal child, like learning manners, making friends and most of all respect. He loved school and sports, and activity participated in Little League baseball for years in his community.

One challenge Brad always has worked hard to over come has been ADHD which he was diagnostied with at a very young age. Learning and paying attention to tasks was a challenge for sure but with a BIG smile and exuberance he worked hard and managed to graduate.

So this is why we as a family wanted to recognize the challenges a child/youth have to go thru when they suffer from ADHD or just ADD to attain graduation and offer a Scholarship in his memory. Just Brad’s way to tell them he’s proud of them and congratulations Grad, everyone deserves a chance.

Brad had a love for cars all his life; I believe it started with his first Hot Wheel. But as he grew up and owned several vehicles of his own his favorite pass time was to attend the many Car Shows and Events in our Community. So I figured what better way to Celebrate and Honor my son but to throw him his own Show and Shine.

All the proceeds donated will go to this scholarship in his memory.


Thank you for in advance for your participation.


Susan Simning (McPherson)  and McPherson family

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