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Good For Grapes to Release Unknown Music Video “Renminbi Tips” Aug. 21

[UPDATE] – Here’s the video above!


Good For Grapes First Video Shoot

Good For Grapes are set to release a very unique music video this Wednesday, August 21st!

For those of you who don’t know, Good For Grapes is a popular Surrey based folk band (known for their ‘folk stomp’) currently working on their debut album “Man on the Page”. They are also top 20 finalists in the 2013 Peak Performance Project.

It is the band’s first ever music video, but the concept behind it is amazing. I spoke with Good For Grapes lead Daniel McBurnie today and he explains:

There’s a lot of interesting stuff behind it. First off, the song is called ‘Renminbi Tips’ and it is our never-heard-before single from our upcoming album. The video was shot by us, and students from Capilano University and BCIT film. Now here’s the interesting part – much of the video is reversed. As in, I had to learn how to sing the lyrics BACKWARDS in order to film this!

The resulting visual component of everything happening in reverse once we flip the video back to ‘normal’ is what makes this video so interesting. We shot it over 4 days in a classroom at Capilano. Our Director’s name is Tommy Lee, a 19 year old Capilano student.

Quite a few shots were “one shot takes”, where we’d be destroying props in the shot, so I had to sing the lyrics backwards perfectly, and none of the actions or cues could go wrong – the result being me singing the lyrics normally, and broken items coming back together etc.

We just got back from Edmonton Folk Fest, I had to walk around that festival with an ear-bud in one ear, listening to my voice backwards and memorizing these incomprehensible ‘words,’ because the day we got back, we started shooting.

The song, called “Renminbi Tips” is a topical political song. Mainly pinpointing Steven Harper’s back room deals with China (Harper being the “doorman, counting renminbi tips” in the lyrics) regarding oil, as well as the Enbridge issue, and the resulting environmental catastrophes. It is written by Daniel, about halfway through their album recording process.

Set Photos From “Renminbi Tips” Video Shoot

Good For Grapes First Video Shoot

Good For Grapes First Video Shoot

Good For Grapes First Video Shoot

Keep watch on Good For Grapes’ Facebook page where you can find more behind the scenes photos from the making of  “Renminbi Tips”.

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