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Warning: Video Content with Coarse Language & Nudity

– Guest Post By Lewis Bennett

If you live in Surrey or Langley then you’ve probably heard of Salam Kahil. He is the proprietor of Canada’s most infamous delicatessen – a Scandinavian deli with a French name (La Charcuterie) run by a foul mouthed Lebanese former male escort.

Ben Lewis and Salam

Along with my producers, Ben and Calum, I’m currently making a full-length documentary about Salam and we’re trying to raise some funds to finish the film using a website called Indiegogo:

Here is a video explaining our fundraising campaign (Viewer Discretion Advised):

I’m from Langley so I’d heard stories of the “Sandwich Nazi” for years but I’d never actually visited the place until about two years ago. My first experience in the deli was pretty surreal. I’d never been accused of being an undercover police officer by a deli owner. I’d also never had a person serve me food while talking at length about his penis and where said penis had been over the last 30-40 years. And all of this vulgarity and craziness is going on while little old Scandinavian ladies are standing around patiently waiting to buy affordable European cheese.

Ben Lewis and Salam

Before we started working on the feature documentary we made a short film with Salam. It screened at a number of film festivals – including some in Australia, The United States, and Canada – and ended up garnering more than 250,000 views on Vimeo. When we were editing that short film we made a conscious decision to not shy away from nudity or inappropriate content. Salam is unfiltered and we wanted the film to try to be an accurate representation of him.

If you haven’t seen the short film, then you can watch here (Viewer Discretion Advised):

Our fundraising campaign for the feature film is in it’s final days and we would really appreciate any support you can provide. If you are able to donate some money to help us complete the project, you can do so on our Indiegogo page. The other thing that would really help is if you could share the Indiegogo link with your family and friends.

We’ve got lots of great perks for people that donate – including things like copies of the finished documentary as well as a chance at a sleepover with Salam. If you say please, he might even come out of male escorting retirement for you!

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