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Marco Pasqua and The CUBE Principle

Creatively Utilize Your Best Energy. How can you strategically achieve your life’s most meaningful goals and effectively address challenges and/or obstacles?

Energy. Where do you find it? How does it change over time and space? How do you tap into your creativity while maintaining balance in your work and personal life? How do you plan to achieve the results you desire?

(Marco Pasqua of Creatively Utilize Your Best Energy)

We all ask ourselves these questions at certain times in life. Positive and negative life changes can be daunting experiences and the way we perceive and react to them are powerful. Change is often stressful no matter what form it arrives in at your door.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Marco Pasqua to talk about life, change, challenge and motivation. Marco is a long-time resident of Surrey, BC and inspirational speaker. He shares his ideas and motivates businesses, organizations and groups through his CUBE Principle; Creatively Utilize Your Best Energy. The CUBE principle is a practical approach that can be applied to any life challenge or opportunity to achieve success.

(A younger Marco telling a joke at the Massett Lions Timmy Mini-Telethon)

Marco’s own successes are attributed to his positive energy and passion for pursuing his life’s purpose. He is dedicated to actively seeking self-development to achieve his goals. You only need to be in Marco’s presence for a short while before his infectious energy puts a smile on your face. What I really admire about Marco is his thirst for life and his resiliency in the face of the many obstacles he has faced in his youth and adulthood. This guy has got fire (he attributes some of that fire to his Italian heritage and upbringing)!

Marco Pasqua Speaking

Whatever the motivation, Marco has his own story of challenges and opportunities that have brought him to this present stage of his life. He is dedicated to sharing a part of himself to spread his message of positivity in the hope to spark the light that lies within each of us.

Marco Pasqua with Red Robinson at Timmy's Telethon 2011
(Marco Pasqua with friend Red Robinson at Timmy’s Telethon 2011)

Marco and I discovered that we had two things in common: we were summer babies born in July and we were both three months premature. It’s not often when you meet a fellow preemie born in the same time frame as you (although I have to confess, I am quite a bit older than Marco ☺ ). We love hot and sunny weather, so it was fitting that we met on what felt like the hottest day of the year in our favourite month of July.

Marco Pasqua Dropzone Wheelchair
(Drop Zone: Marco was lifted into this chair 20 stories up, dangling over the ledge)

Marco told me the story of his birth and his subsequent diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. Physical and mental supports were key during those formative years, not to mention the loving support from Marco’s parents and family.

Marco as a premature baby in the incubator
(Marco as a premature baby in the incubator)

Marco does not hesitate to attribute his life achievements directly to the care and support he has received and continues to receive from his loved ones and those involved in his physical care. He continues to pay it forward through his many fundraising and volunteer projects while challenging himself in true Pasqua fashion. He recently raised over $5 000 for Easter Seals Camps with his team by participating in the Drop Zone Challenge.

The challenge had Marco repelling off the side of a twenty storey building in his wheelchair. He plans to do it again this year and hopes to double the previous year’s fundraising goal! I have no doubt that he will achieve that goal.

Marco Pasqua Rolling to Win

Marco’s experiences are a testament that you can develop your natural talents and inspire yourself to reach your goals. Marco began participating in sports as a toddler and his interest and motivation in sport continued throughout his youth. He has competed in the BC Games for Athletes with Disabilities since 1994, winning 22 Gold, 10 Silver and 2 Bronze medals. He has not only excelled in athletics, but also in academics, making the Dean’s List in 2006 and graduating with an Associate Degree in Fine Arts and Game Design.

Marco Pasqua at E3

The tech and gaming industries have played a significant role in Marco’s career development as he continues to support the industry through his involvement with AbleGamers.com and Reality Controls. The AbleGamers Foundation is a community that supports people with disabilities and those with illnesses to use gaming for rehabilitation and recreation.

As a writer with AbleGamers.com, Marco has been exposed to a variety of software and technologies that provide people with disabilities the physical means to enjoy gaming, using it for both rehabilitative and mental well-being. Currently, Marco is partnered with Vancouver-based Reality Controls on a project that incorporates an individual’s body motions and speech as a template for specialized keyboard and mouse commands, producing a customized environment in Windows software.

Marco Pasqua Speaking at Tedx Stanley Park
(Marco Pasqua and Sean Sibbet speaking at TedxStanleyPark)

Marco is a busy man, but he is committed to sharing his experiences and life lessons while encouraging people to utilize practical steps to achieve their professional and personal goals. If you want to learn more about Marco Pasqua and see what he’s about, check out my talk with him (in the video above)! I guarantee you will leave motivated and inspired. What started out as a morning meeting in Holland Park led to a whole afternoon of getting to know Surrey604’s new friend, Marco Pasqua. It was definitely a Surrey summer day that we won’t soon forget.

Marco Pasqua at the beach

To learn more about Marco visit his website at www.thecubeprinciple.com or catch him on social media @marco_pasqua.

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