Surrey Marathon Geek Live-Tweeted & Video Blogged During 2012 Race

Last year my Surrey604 colleague and ‘evil twin brother’ Daman Beatty ran and completed the full Surrey International World Music Marathon. While he ran, the silly guy live-tweeted, video blogged, and Skype-video conferenced us from his iPhone during the whole 42 km run. He sure got some funny looks, but I think he’s used to that!

For a guy who barely trained and didn’t even run at all for a month leading up to the event, we think he did alright at 4 hours, 55 minutes! Watch clips from his video above.

Daman Surrey Marathon finish

Daman’s good friends the CHCPB Surrey Pipe Band (featured in his run video) who performed along the way, show the race from their perspective last year in the video below.

Surrey International World Music Marathon 2012 Video

Watch highlights below from last year’s inaugural event. You can catch Daman’s interview right after his completion of the race at the 1:26 mark.

Instagrams & Tweets from DB’s Run

Below, I’ve pasted a few selections from Daman’s marathon live-tweeting…

Feeling STOKED about running full @SurreyMarathon! #surreybc @cityofSurrey

Got my @SurreyMarathon gear! @centralcity @cityofsurrey #surreybc #marathon

Mainstage @surreymarathon w/ @esmirmilavic @barinderrasode @fatimabeatty @sry604 @centralcity #surreybc

Dude repping #surreybc @surreymarathon @cityofsurrey

Live tweeting to you from my full @surreymarathon run @sry604 #surreybc

Discovering so many beautiful parks along the course of @surreymarathon ! #surreybc such a beautiful city #siwmm2012 @sry604

12 km into @surreymarathon #surreybc @sry604 #siwmm2012

So much support along the @surreymarathon and the musical acts like @chcpb keep u so motivated #surreybc #siwmm2012

Just completed my half marathon… And now I’m gonna do it all over AGAIN! @surreymarathon #siwmm2012 #surreybc #lap2 @sry604

Love these old heritage markers #surreybc @surreymarathon @cityofsurrey @sry604

10 km left! @SurreyMarathon. @sry604 #surreybc

Do or die @fatimabeatty @esmirmilavic @sry604 @surreymarathon #siwmm2012

Feeling damn good after a 42 km @surreymarathon without having trained in over a month! #surreybc

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