OpenRoad Infiniti Q50 launch event

OpenRoad Infiniti recently invited me to the launch of the new Q50 sports sedan on Sept 21st, 2013, hosted at their Langley dealership.

Infiniti Q50 1

Infiniti Q50 2

This relatively new dealership is the 3rd luxury brand in OpenRoad’s Langley Auto Collection. It’s also the only stand-alone Infiniti dealership (i.e. they don’t sell any Nissan vehicles here) in the Fraser Valley and located just a stone’s throw away from OpenRoad’s BMW Langley and MINI Langley. Essentially you can find them at the intersection of Langley Bypass (aka Highway 10) and Glover Road.

Infiniti Q50 3

OpenRoad Infiniti features seven service bays and a high-end showroom built to emulate a five-star hotel. The dealership was designed on the principles of Infiniti’s “Adeyaka” design concept which encompasses enchantment, beauty, and elegance.

Infiniti Q50 12

Infiniti Q50 16

To celebrate the launch of the Q50, OpenRoad Infiniti pulled out all the stops. Gourmet catering from Truffles (who also catered previous years’ Luxury & Supercar Weekend show), custom Infiniti-themed mocktails, and enchanting live entertainment were there for all invitees to enjoy. Certainly befitting a luxury brand name.

Infiniti Q50 6


Infiniti Q50 19

I particularly enjoyed the seared sesame crusted ahi tuna with tobiko, the quail’s egg with caviar served on a spoon, and the amazing macarons and chocolate covered strawberries! OpenRoad certainly knows how to spoil its guests!

Compliments to the Truffles catering team, and chef Michael Bautox for the food and beautiful plating!

Infiniti Q50 7

Infiniti Q50 8

Infiniti Q50 10

Infiniti Q50 9


Infiniti Q50 20

The Red Bull Racing Formula One Show Car also made its picture perfect appearance alongside the Q50! Judging from the number of people crowding around the F1 car, it too, like the Q50 were both big crowd pleasers.



Infiniti Q50 21

Infiniti Q50 17

While I didn’t get a chance to test drive the car on launch day, crawling around the Q50S in the showroom and outside revealed it to be very attractive, and equally luxurious. Certainly fitting of the Infiniti brand and a worthy replacement to the G37.

With its feline-like LED headlamps, luxurious interior, and interesting design elements (such as the door cutouts in the C-pillars), the car comes off as really muscular looking but a sophisticated way. The Q50 also features the latest in tech, including a unique steer-by-wire system that is a major component of the active lane keeping driver assistance system.

Infiniti Q50 5

Infiniti Q50 14

Infiniti Q50 13

Infiniti Q50 18

Infiniti Q50 13

For those of you who don’t know yet, Infiniti is also completely overhauling their naming convention to provide clarity to their lineup and where each model stands. Watch this video for an explanation.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to spend some seat time behind the wheel of the Q50 soon for a future road test. But in the meantime, enjoy the photos and stop by OpenRoad Infiniti today and check out the Q50 for yourself!

Infiniti Q50 14

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