Chevron’s Fuel Your School Program Benefits 7,005 Students in Surrey & White Rock

Collaboration with My Class Needs Foundation generated $200,000 to fund 186 eligible classroom projects for local public school teachers and students

Chevron Canada Limited and My Class Needs Foundation have announced that their 2013 Fuel Your School program, which launched for the first time this year in the cities of Surrey and White Rock, generated $200,000, benefitting 186 local school classroom projects and impacting 7,005 students.

Through Chevron’s Fuel Your School program, teachers at 105 schools in the cities of Surrey and White Rock received valuable classroom resources.

Fuel Your School and Chevron helping Surrey schools

Ms. Manery of Bear Creek Elementary School in Surrey received K’NEX building blocks so that she could encourage creativity while teaching her students about the importance of teamwork, design, and engineering with new building materials.

Bear Creek Elementary School kids playing Knex blocks

“We are discovering as children grow and learn that science, technology, engineering and mathematics are not separate entities; they are combined and integrated,” says Ms. Burton, Principal of Bear Creek Elementary School. “When we give them opportunities to expand their creativity, innovation and work together they benefit greatly from these experiences.”

Surrey students at Bear Creek Elementary playing with Knex blocks

Through the Fuel Your School program, Chevron contributed $1 when consumers purchased 30 litres or more of fuel during the month of October at participating Chevron stations in the cities of Surrey and White Rock, up to a total contribution of $200,000, to help fund eligible classroom projects at local schools.

“Schools benefit from additional funding that improves students’ access to educational resources,” said Amy Coupal, Executive Director of My Class Needs. “The Fuel Your School program helps more schools, empowers more teachers, and enriches more students’ learning experiences by supporting local projects on”

The purpose of the Fuel Your School program is to help support and improve valuable education programming and resources, particularly in the STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and math – to help prepare students for the growing number of technical jobs in the modern economy, including possible engineering positions at Chevron.

Fuel Your School in Canada is an innovative collaboration between Chevron and My Class Needs Foundation, a registered Canadian charity that uses a crowdfunding website to support students and teachers by providing resources that enrich their learning experiences. Fuel Your School helps provide students with some of the resources needed to help prepare them for success in the modern economy.

Fuel Your School began in the U.S. in 2010 and to date has helped fund more than 17,000 classroom projects at more than 3,000 schools. The program has grown each year to support students in various communities where Chevron has business operations and has reached more than 1.9 million students. In 2013, the program was also available in parts of California, Oregon, Utah, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alaska and Hawaii. Chevron supports similar international programs in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Johor and Kedah, Malaysia.

Fuel Your School Infographic - Surrey BC and White Rock schools

This infographic (above) shows the impact of the 2013 Fuel Your School program and top most requested STEM resources for classrooms. Portions of projects were funded through third-party donations because anyone can also independently fund classroom projects on the My Class Needs Foundation website by making separate, individual donations.
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