[VIDEO] TELUS Sends Surrey Man Home to Newfoundland for the Holidays

Here’s a heart-warming story about a Surrey man receiving a wonderful holiday gift from TELUS.

Jamie McComb Sent to Newfoundland By TELUS

TELUS is in the business of connecting people, and they took that quite literally this year saying they know that “the greatest connection of all is the human connection between friends and families”.

They reached out to the community through social media and asked Canadians who they would love to connect with this holiday season. After reviewing thousands of posts, four people were chosen – a Surrey resident being one of them – and TELUS went the distance to make their wishes come true!

Take a peek at this video profiling the story of Jamie McComb on his journey to spend the holidays with his family in Newfoundland for the first time in 6 years. I can sympathize with Jamie as I come from New Brunswick which isn’t far from Newfoundland and let me tell you the price of flights home are astronomical during the holidays. Good on ya, TELUS!

Check out for more of these great stories of human connection from TELUS.

Daman Beatty
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