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[VIDEO] A Tour of Newton’s Danger Zone with Doug Elford

The community safety situation in the Newton region, especially after the random, inexplicable murder of 53-year-old hockey mom Julie Paskall, is one of the hottest issues in Surrey, BC.

City officials are trying to convince the public that everything is under control and the city is doing enough for this community, while residents paint a different picture. Some critics claim the whole Newton security situation is just hysteria, but the people of Newton are living in fear.

In an effort to provide a broader image of what’s really happening in Newton, we walked around the neighbourhood with Doug Elford from the Newton Community Association. Mr. Elford kindly showed us the key problematic areas and pointed to simple solutions for this community’s problems. Watch the video for more.

Esmir Milavic
Born in Bosnia, Esmir’s interests are in journalism, politics, communications, history, culture, sports, books and technology. He has contributed to some of the most innovative independent media projects to come out of Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the earliest members of Surrey604, Esmir now resides in Sarajevo working with Bosnian FACE TV.