Digital Dialogue With Christine Michelle


Christine Michelle is a 28 year old philanthropist, hairdresser, sound, art and style enthusiast.

Impartial to academia, she spent the greater part of her youth creating and experimenting with art, crafts and textiles.

Christine Michelle

Many blessed opportunities to travel internationally imbedded the travel bug deep in her soul which eventually landed Christine in the “heart of Africa” a city called Goma on the East border of Democratic Republic of Congo. Since time, she has spent an accumulated 19 months on the ground and several years moving back and forth between Vancouver and DRC.

Christine’s second visit to the continent of Africa was one in which forever changed her life and as a result, her creative interests (plus a love of scissors and sewing machines) provided her the opportunity to develop a program called Healing Arts. A fixed class room at the hospital in Goma as well as rural community outreach spaces where women who have experienced sexual violence come together joyfully and learn a variety of skills and trades to create opportunities and income for themselves while they are within their healing process. Promoting community and individual growth through holistic development.

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