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Local Tech Savvy Company Changing the Cleaning Industry

When most Canadians think of outsourcing, they think of large corporations laying off hundreds of workers so they can hire companies in Asia to do the same job for less money.

But there’s a new trend in the outsourcing industry that’s actually having a positive effect on Canadians – outsourcing our manual labor and daily chores.   

Trade related jobs like plumbing and home renovations are the norm for outsourcing jobs around the house, but now even tasks like cooking and house cleaning are being outsourced by busy individuals and families with no time to spare.   

In fact, the home cleaning services industry in particular is seeing a boom in house cleaning start-ups over the past couple of years.   

And with some cleaners making up to $21 per hour for cleaning homes, there never is a shortage of willing and enthusiastic workers.   

One of the more successful start-ups is Scrubbi Home Services, a tech forward company based in South Surrey, that focuses on customer service and the user experience.   


Founder Daniel Deckert, came up with the idea while trying to find a house cleaning service for his own home.

What he discovered didn’t impress him.   

“I found that with many of the home cleaning services, how they operated was very old school. Much of the scheduling and booking with these companies was done on pen and paper so rescheduling was a mess.”  


“And generally, what they were charging was prohibitively expensive. Many of the bigger name cleaning services out there are franchises so basically you’re paying three people – the cleaner, the franchisee, and the franchise itself. You’re looking at about $120 per hour with these companies.”

And it wasn’t just the large franchises that he was disappointed with.   

“Many of the independent cleaners that you see on posting sites like Craigslist aren’t much better. There’s no recourse for anything that goes wrong. For example if you have a bad experience, you have no one to call and complain to and you can forget about getting your money back.”   

“Customer service is not a focus of theirs.”  

But by focusing on customer service, Scrubbi has seen double digit growth over the past 7 months and is slowly changing the house cleaning services game.   

“I made sure that with Scrubbi, all those issues have been addressed. You can absolutely pay by credit card, scheduling with customers and the maids is all done electronically, and I even include a service guarantee with all our cleanings – if you’re not happy with the clean we’ll send out another maid to fix the job for you.”   

With his business model, Daniel has seen Scrubbi grow from a small firm in just a couple of cities into one that’s now doing home cleaning services in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Ottawa with recent expansion into Saskatoon and Regina..   

Daniel says his successful start was all just a matter of seeing a problem as an opportunity.   

“ I saw how things were being done and I saw a way on how I could do it better. By focusing on customer service and keeping customers happy and having a way for issues to be resolved.”

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