Last Minute Fab Ideas For Mother’s Day

Zara Durrani, television personality, actress, entrepreneur and yoga teacher shares with us her top picks for Mother’s Day. Someone who has an extremely diverse resume and has travelled all over the world, is definitely bound to come up with some exciting ideas for Mother’s Day.

If you haven’t picked a present yet, for the most important woman in your life, all is not lost. I’m here to help you. Here are my top picks for Mother’s Day.

1. Firma EnergyWear

firma energy wear

Your mum will seriously love you for for this fabulous gift, that literally just keeps on giving! What do I mean by that? Well it is proven that by wearing Firma for up to 6 hours a day for 30 days women and men have shown to lose inches throughout their body. Obviously, it doesn’t mean you stop working out, but in addition to your workout regimen you can see fab results with this amazing product. If you are in the Lower Mainland area, Firma EnergyWear can be purchased at Malary’s Fashion Network in Surrey or also online. It comes in various colours and sizes and has active bio-crystals such as amethyst to improve blood circulation!!!

Firma EneryWear over the last two years has donated $10,000 to SAS Surrey to help victims of human trafficking. so by making a purchase you will also be making a difference in someone’s life!

Visit their website:

Address: 5755 176 St. Surrey, BC

For a full listing of stores that carry Firma EnergyWear please visit their site: Locations

Phone: (604) 574-6402

2. Tab Custom Fit Bra

Tab Custom Fit Bra

Take your mum in for a fitting on Mother’s Day to Malary’s Fashion Network for a fitting. As it turns out most women are wearing the wrong size bra without even knowing. The key to the TAB bra is its function and practicality. The TAB bra promotes health and comfort, and therefore is ideal for vocational use, sport and exercise, and especially normal, everyday wearing.

Visit their website:

Address: 5755 176 St. Surrey, BC

Phone: (604) 574-6402

3. Haut Cosmetics

Haut Cosmetics

This is the makeup line I have personally worn to red carpets, auditions and even daily use. It is an organic vegan makeup line locally made in BC and family owned. Haut Cosmetics uses ingredients that are locally-sourced, chilled to perfection and blended up fresh in their lab before being shipped directly to your doorstep.

4. Sonja Picard Collection

Sonja Picard Collection

Well one of the reasons I love the store so much is you will find photos of yours truly everywhere, I mean really!!! The bathroom, front of the store, my face will haunt you. Okay seriously, I love Sonja Picard and her designers are beautiful and your mother will love you for after getting earrings or jewelry from the SPC collection. Sonja hand-carves each original piece in wax, invoking the human spirit and offering a sculptural organic quality to the jewelry. The result is a refreshingly modern signature look.

Visit their website:

Address: 4360 Main St. Vancouver, BC

Phone: (604) 566-9330

5. Mystic Masala

Mystic Masala

Head on down to Commercial Drive in Vancouver to check out this beautiful unique spot on Commercial and Grant, Mystic Masala. Either take your mum there for a treat or you can get tridoshic products for her. The founder Glynnis can help your mum figure out her dosha and recommend oils and products that will help balance her energy.

Mystic Masala offers exquisite Ayurvedic Aromatherapy products ethically traded and sustainably created both locally and in developing countries. Aromatic soy candles, botanical soaps and herbal body oils balance and enhance the beauty of your unique mind-body type!

Visit their website:

Address: 1724 Grant St, Vancouver, BC.

Phone: (604) 876-3994

6. Malary’s Fashion Network

Malary's Fashion Network

If you are still unsure, drop by at Malary’s Fashion Network in Surrey. They carry everything from Firma EnergyWear, Tab Custom Fit Bras, Dresses from Canadian and international designers, and much more.

Malary’s is a family owned business and you may even run into the owner/designer Yvonne Hogenes. Malary’s supports a lot of local jewelry and accessories designers.

Visit their website:

Address: 5755 176 St. Surrey, BC

Phone: (604) 574-6402

Zara Durrani
Founder of Inspired Life Productions and Host/Creator of Life & Style with Zara, as seen on Joy TV, CHEK NEWS, Shaw and Novus. Zara is also an actress with recent appearances on USA Network Show Psych and CW's Arrow. She teaches yoga & meditation workshops and is a motivational speaker. Zara is a creative junkie, always looking for her next adventure.