Raincouver …or Shine! Sidewalk Runway Fashion Shoot

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Zara Durrani is a Yogi with spiritual beliefs. However, she’s far from the slow paced image that title might invoke. During both shoots I learned:

  • In 2011 – 2012 she was the Producer and Host of “Life & Style with Zara”.
  • Her acting career frequently takes her to Los Angeles and Toronto. She’s been a recent guest star on TV shows “Psych” and “Arrow”.
  • She owns a Vancouver-based production company which helps businesses market themselves.
  • She’s involved with Fashion Hope which strives to end human trafficking.

She Said…
As an actress I have learnt over time that wardrobe can definitely change one’s state of mind. Our look for Raincouver Glam was definitely very vavavoom, and the dress from Malary’s Fashion Network made me feel red carpet ready. On a rainy day wearing a colour so vibrant and passionate as red is a great way to uplift one’s spirits. The red dress evoked my glamorous, diva side for sure!

He Said…
A photo shoot can be inspired by many things: the model, a mood, a location or in this case a frosted trench coat. There’s an inherent sexy quality about something that’s see through. On the practical side it’s neutral so it can be worn with almost any color. I repeated the see through theme by pairing it with a clear umbrella. The next day I met Zara at Malary’s Fashion Network in Surrey/Cloverdale. We started with four dresses but when she emerged from the change room wearing a bright red shift dress we knew we had our Raincouver look. Yvonne, the Owner suggested a black clutch to match her heels.

Coat Terra NY (Blubird)
Dress JS Boutique (Malary’s)
Clutch (from Malary’s)
Heels (from a boutique in LA)

or Shine

She Said…
The pastel green dress by Fever London had a very Audrey Hepburn, classy feel to it! I could definitely see myself wearing it to a wedding or for lunch with girlfriends. The Fever dress from Malary’s felt very comfortable on. I wore it in LA during Fashion Week recently. I like wearing pastels as they stand out against my skin tone and dark hair.

He Said…
The warm sunny weather was the inspiration for this shoot. Spring was in the air and I wanted to capture it on film. Zara and I also agreed we wanted a contrast to sexy red she found moments earlier. When she pulled a pastel green dress off the rack I thought it had potential but I mentally gave it a rating of “ok”. However when Zara emerged from the change room she transformed the lace, bow and clean design into something memorable. She paired it with a large scarf but wore it as a shawl. Yvonne, suggested the earrings and bracelet. I picked the purse and heels from a store downtown.

Earrings Zuka Amazonite (Vancouver Designer featured at Malary’s)
Dress Fever London (Malary’s)
Bracelet Christina C (Malary’s)
Heels Guess

Click Blubird to visit their site. 1055 Alberni St.
Click Malary’s Fashion Assignment to visit their site. 5755 176th St.

Click to view more of R!c’s work. He’s frequently seen on the street capturing images for his blog and for his weekly fashion column in the Asian Pacific Post newspaper.

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