Do you feel the burn?

Guest post by Samantha Skelly


Burning out… We’ve all been there; we pack our schedules, we try to be everything for everyone, we don’t say no and we sacrifice our self-care to meet deadlines or not to flake out on social commitments.

Have you ever burnt out so bad that you had an overwhelming amount of anxiety from the minute you woke up to the minute you go went to bed?

I have, last week in fact.

I burnt out – BAD, like so bad. More than I ever have before. It was an accumulation of about three weeks of ignoring the need to calm down. Whenever I had a moment of overwhelm or stress I’d suppress it and carry on, day after day week after week. I’ve been so focused pushing things forward, I was forgetting to really take care of myself.

At every meeting and engagement last week at least one person would say ‘What’s going on, are you ok? You really don’t seem yourself’ It was then I knew I needed to massively chill out. My work was suffering, I wasn’t focused and I felt so disengaged with my projects. Passion was lacking and I felt like I was doing ‘work’ when normally it feels totally enriching and beautifully fulfilling.

Remember this – ‘What you resist, persists’  (tweet that bad boy!)

When we ignore the need to take a break we are not doing any favours for ourselves. Honour your body, honour your time and honour the fact that in order to fully live and make a difference you need to first and foremost take care of yourself. You are number one!

I knew I was on the verge of a breaking point. So I packed a bag, left my phone at home and sat by the water for 6 hours. I read, meditated, slept, journaled and listened to people playing guitar. It was bliss. Burning out isn’t sign of weakness, it’s just the body’s way of communicating it’s needs – listen to it. In order to work in my flow and be present I need to daily incorporate these little four things…

Exercise & Nutrition – every damn day. Body movement calms my mind, and makes me feel energized and full of life (yes – this includes dance parties!)

Meditation & Prayer – connecting spiritually is the jam.

Connection – human connection (with super awesome people) vitalities and inspires me.

Laughter – lots and lots of laugher.

What are yours? May it be sipping chai and playing the guitar, dinner with your husband, a bubble bath with wine and a good book, going for a massage, drinking green smoothies, yoga, running, breathing or just listening to your favourite tune. Whatever it is, stop and do it. Your body will love you for it.

The most important thing you can do is vocalize how you are feeling. Get it out of your chaotic head! Honestly – say it out loud! There is so much power in vocalizing how you are feeling. It’s incredibly calming. ‘I’m feeling _______, because of ______’

Get it out there, then go and do something soul soothing – whatever that means to you.

Alright beautiful people- have a wonderful week, go amaze yourself!

Samantha Skelly
Samantha Skelly is a Health & Life Coach Specializing in Disordered Eating, an Author and a Speaker. A girl on a mission to destroy the status quo and make shit happen. LOVER of the LIGHT!

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