Q & A with Surrey-Born Actor, Billy Wickman

Actor Billy Wickman

Billy Wickman is a sought-after Canadian actor.

The sixth of seven children born and raised on Canada’s west coast. Billy was born in Surrey and attended high school on Vancouver island. He has a passion for performing and giving back to his community.

Currently he is working on the hit AMC show, Hell on Wheels. Some of his other television and film credits include The Killing, Falling Skies, Psych, SuperNatural, The Five People You Meet in Heaven and The A-Team, among many others.

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My Question and Answer Session With Actor Billy Wickman

Have you always wanted to act, Billy? When did you decide this is what you
are going to pursue as a profession?

-I have a big family, so I appreciate having the floor. They said I turned everything
into a “Hollywood Production”. I took musical theatre class because girls took
musical theatre class. I had a friend who always got to leave school for
“auditions”. Those were the seeds.

What was it like working on a hit show like Falling Skies?
-I had such a blast on that show, those dudes are fun! I played Boon, a hotheaded
alien killer, in a gang called the “Berserkers”. We were running with bigass
guns, shooting aliens, like kids with sticks. In one scene, I got to showcase
my rap skillz. I learned a ton and made friends with some talented pros like Noah
Wyle, Will Patton, Ryan Robbins, Mpho Koaho and Peter Shinkoda.

Billy Wickman in Falling Skies with Ryan Robbins
Billy Wickman (left) in Falling Skies with Ryan Robbins (right).

We worked together on Psych. Tell me about your experience on it, especially knowing you are playing the bad guy.
-Such an efficient set! This was their 8th season, it’s great to work with a crew
that’s been together so long, they ran tight ship. I had a big beard at the time and
played a hippy vegan food-truck owner/bank robber/murderer named Vito. It was
a great change of pace for me, usually I’m the one getting killed. You were great

There is so much rejection in acting, how do you get inspired to pursue
your dreams on a daily basis.

-I try to keep busy writing and producing my own small projects when I’m not
working. That way, I can’t dwell on auditions for too long. More often than not,
you don’t get the job, but if you do your best work, you can be proud.

How did you feel when you first found out you have booked AMC’s hit show
Hell on Wheels. What has the experience been like so far (without giving
the plot away)?

-I’ve been a fan of the show since it started and I vowed to be on it one day. I had
a great audition and they actually contacted me on a Saturday night, which never
happens. I was pretty excited. Needless to say, it was a great Saturday night and
it’s only now slowly sinking in.

What has been your most memorable day on set so far?
-The first day, I walked onto that set and saw the entire town they’d built. It’s so
detailed, you don’t have to “pretend” much on this show, everything is REALLY
there! I’m also a huge Common fan, it’s crazy that I’m on a show with him.

Tell me about your involvement with JDRF.
-I became diabetic at 11. It was tough and a major life change. I’ve volunteered
with the JDRF for about 10 years. I think recently diagnosed kids need to talk to
older diabetics, to see that they can take control of their lives and still grow up
happy, even “cool”.

Tell me about the Game Genies.
-Sean Amsing is my friend and writing partner. We do sketch comedy and have
each been making rap music for many years. The Game Genies are a parody of
delusional “wannabe rappers”, seen in short vignettes, followed by a song. Our
Friends at TGK Films helped us out and one video turned into a web series and
regular live performances at comedy shows.

If you weren’t acting what would you be doing?
-Adventuring around the world, looking for lost ancient secrets. I’d like be a
scientist, teacher, or youth counsellor. Maybe a youth science teacher. Or
astronaut! Like, as if Indiana Jones and Han Solo were mashed into one guy.
…I’d write

If you could cast yourself in any film what character would you play?
-Mark Wahlberg’s character in Boogie Nights was fantastic. I love the rise to fame
and fall from grace (the “prosthetic” didn’t hurt his reputation either). I would also
literally kill to work with Mel Brooks!

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Billy’s FanPage: BillyWickman

Twitter: @BillyWickman

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