Surrey Garburator Installation & Repair

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Clearing jams & resetting your garburator

If your garburator is jammed, see the procedure to clear the blockage in the video below.

What if a repair is necessary?

Most garburator manufacturers now offer a parts & labour warranty. Note that the warranty only includes repairing manufacturer’s defects. If your system is still under warranty, you can call InSinkErator at 800-558-5700 or Waste King at 800-854-3229.

If a garburator that is no longer under warranty requires a replacement part, then it is usually not worth repairing, unless it is a very high end garburator. Replacement parts are hard to find and the cost of repairing the garburator will often be comparable to the cost of a new one. If you wish to have your garburator repaired, we can come out and take a look at it for a $59 evaluation fee.

Garburator Replacement

See our online specials for new garburators.

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