First Float and Salt Therapy Wellness Centre to Open in Surrey

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Salt Therapy and floatation (sensory deprivation floating) have dramatically increased in popularity, media attention, adoption and in research/study showcasing it’s unique benefits. It is suitable and beneficial to all people, and all ages, and is a fantastic way to unwind, provide a unique alternative wellness therapy, and even in some case be an aid or replacement to nasty prescription meds.

Here is the story of how a tragic life changing event, led owner Angie Dosanjh to open the Salt Wellness Centre here in Surrey, BC.

Angie’s Story:

After a tragic life changing event I went to a place of deep soul searching that required me to rediscover myself, my intentions, and ultimately made me question how I wanted to live the second half of my life. My journey included meditation, contemplation and experimenting with a variety of alternative healing modalities and therapies. About a year into my inquest a friend of mine told me about a float centre that had recently opened up locally and what floating was meant to be able to do. I was intrigued. What attracted me most was the promise of achieving a meditative state, clear mind and deeper consciousness…

I tried it. From my first float I knew this was something different. It was something unlike nothing I had ever experienced before. The first 20 minutes I spent in an uncomfortable position with the neck floatie under my head, being a non-swimmer I didn’t believe that this salt water cocktail was going to keep me afloat. When I wasn’t worried about drowning I was thinking about all the things I could be and should be doing instead of floating in this dark tank doing nothing…being a single mom of two young children…surely I had better things to do.

Then it started. I felt a letting go of myself. My mind seemed to quiet and my body relaxed. I took the floatie out from under my neck and for the first time in my life actually experienced what it felt like to float! A sensation I had never had in my life. That alone was worth every penny of the $65 I had paid. As I drifted in and out of thought, an overwhelming sense of peace and clarity came over me. I recall at one point wondering if my eyes were open or closed. I played with that question for a few minutes trying to purposely open and close my eyes to figure it out. At one point I was about to touch my eye but then quickly realized that’s probably not the best idea with hands covered in super saturated salt water.

I enjoyed every minute of it and emerged from the tank feeling so completely relaxed and stress free. Euphoric almost. I noticed my pace was much slower yet my mind felt sharper and clear. I made my way out into the lobby with what I’m sure looked like the silliest grin on my face. Then I felt the effects of having my senses deprived for the last 90 minutes. As I stood in the lobby I couldn’t remember which way to go to get to the car. I remember the person at the front desk asking me if I was ok. I just smiled and nodded my head…I knew I would be coming back for more. During the hour and a half long drive home I began thinking to myself “travelling from Surrey to Vancouver for deep relaxation, only to be spit out into an hour long commute, defeated the purpose of the whole experience”. That’s when I decided it was time to say good-bye to my comfortable corporate career in marketing and embark on this journey of bringing sensory deprivation and float therapy to Surrey.

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Around the same time, I was learning more about dry salt therapy, an all natural treatment for reducing and even eliminating symptoms of common respiratory and skin problems like asthma, COPD, emphysema, bronchitis, allergies, eczema and psoriasis. My brother and sister-in-law had been taking my 4 year old nephew for salt therapy for his asthma. Diagnosed with asthma at the age of 3, he would get recurrent asthma attacks which would result in lung infections, cause pneumonia and the vicious cycle would start over again. After trying salt therapy they noticed marked improvements. By maintaining a regular visitation schedule they were able to manage his symptoms better, reduce asthmatic attacks, and reduce his reliance on the puffer and antibiotics. How cool I thought and so I started to research more. I learned that dry salt therapy was effective for eliminating the annoying symptoms of colds and flus. That cold/flu season, my kids and I came down with a nasty cold and so off we headed to seek some dry salt therapy to see if it actually worked.

The treatment started to take effect while in the room. I noticed my nasal passages clearing, resulting in a lot of tissue use. My head was no longer as stuffy as it was going in and best of all my kids did not have the debilitating night time cough they had been having for the nights prior. Being someone who does not enjoy ‘downtime’ from colds and flus and honestly can’t afford to have a house full of sick people, I consistently use salt therapy now at the first signs of a cold or flu in my home. Thanks to the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of dry and negatively charged salt particles, I have been able to prevent colds and flus from progressing to full blown.

Two effective therapies, 100% natural, with one common element…salt. Marrying dry salt therapy with float therapy was an obvious compliment, resulting in a unique blend of salt based healing. The result, Salt Wellness Centre is born. A place where children and adults can come to experience and benefit from the natural healing properties of salt, water, and sensory deprivation.

The Salt Wellness Centre will be opening in November of this year, and will be located at #205 – 15303 31 Avenue in South Surrey.

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