Interview with Actor/Producer Deji LaRay

Deji LaRay

Deji LaRay is a sought after American actor and producer. Deji’s list of credits include The Wedding (with Halle Berry) and Guest Starring roles in acclaimed television shows such as Love Bites (NBC), E.R., The Shield (FX), Medical Investigation (NBC), According to Jim (ABC), Lincoln Heights (ABC Family), Without a Trace (CBS), HawthoRNe (TNT), Crossing Jordan (NBC), CSI:NY (CBS) and an impactful recurring role on the hit NBC show American Dreams produced by Dick Clark.




Recently, Deji just finished a Guest Star Role on the hit ABC show Castle; and American
Teenager on the ABC Family Network. He can be seen in a lead role in the UK feature Film “Abducted” starring Mark Harris and recurring on the new television show ‘Bosch’ produced by Amazon Studios. He recently produced the feature film The Dark Party (starring Kadeem Hardison) and is currently in development to produce an action suspense feature film entitled Shotgun, set to film in the desert of Los Angeles.

Q & A with Deji LaRay

Surrey604: What are you goals and aspirations as an actor, comedian and producer?

Deji: My goals as an actor is to know my next 5 film jobs in advance. I want to do all genres and would love to do Broadway again someday. Ultimately, I am working to build my movie studio to have the power to greenlight film and tv projects. That way I will have the option to act, direct or produce.

Surrey604: How do you stay motivated and inspired?

Deji: Success inspires me. I love seeing people achieve success no matter the level. I am inspired when my niece earns an A on her test in school. Or when a friend of mine in the entertainment business has a #1 film or TV show. I am also inspired by my desire to help people. I work hard to be able to give back in a major way.

Surrey604: What do you do to stay in shape?

Deji: It all starts with food. I stay away from heavy carbs and sugar. No fried foods. I try to eat as clean as possible but I’m human and I slip up every now and then. That’s where working out comes into play. I do a lot of cardio by hiking the Canyons in California and running several miles before lifting light weights. I focus more on toning rather than building muscle mass.

Surrey604: You recently became a brand ambassador for a local athletic clothing company here called FIRMA EnergyWear. What do you like about their gear?

Deji: FIRMA Energywear is a great concept and design. The gear is comfortable and stylish. Other workout gear can sometimes require you to continuously adjust during the workout but FIRMA fits great and gives great support during all types of activity.

Surrey604: What activities do you wear it for mostly?

Deji: I like to wear my FIRMA gear whenever I’m jogging, hiking, or lifting weights in the gym. I don’t have to think about what I’m going to wear. I go straight for FIRMA. It’s even great on a Saturday afternoon while running errands when I just want to get up and go and be comfortable.

Watch a a video of Deji doing his workout in FIRMA EnergyWear.

To connect with Deji you can follow him on Twitter: DejiLaRay

Photos by Ace Fillmore

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