VIDEO: School Trustee All Candidates Meeting

School Trustee All Candidates Meeting

I had the opportunity to check out the Surrey School Board District Parental Advisory Committee all candidates meeting. I was impressed by the diversity, youth and backgrounds of many of the candidates. With 23 candidates, this is sure to be an exciting race. Surrey is the fastest growing city in western Canada and has the largest school district in the province. With over 1/3 of the population being under the age of 19 it is imperative that we have full representation of our city on our School Board. The future of our city lies within the hearts and minds of our youth. Please make sure you make an informed decision when selecting your Surrey School Board Candidates, Our children are relying on you.

WATCH: Surrey604 at School Trustee All Candidates Meeting

Here are your 2014 Surrey School Board Candidates

Terry Allen

“I care most about maintaining the high standard of excellence in the Surrey School District”.

Balraj Atwal

“I care most about students in our schools of Surrey.”

Rayman Bhuller

“I care most about education in Surrey being of high quality for our students so that our community can flourish.”

Sukhy Dhillon

“Education of all and the education of our kids is at he core of my living.”

Rina Diaz

“I care most about the things surrounding and affecting the lives of our children.”

Charlene Dobie

“I care most about the students in our schools.”

Patricia Enair

“I care most about putting our children first.”

Sikandar Hayat

“I care most about fostering a safe learning environment.”

Bob Holmes

“I care most about our students.”

Nicole Joliet

“I care most about making Surrey schools safer and more inclusive for all students.”

Laurie Larsen

“I care most about ensuring every child receives the quality education they deserve.”

David Matta

“I care most about the students, staff, and families of Surrey.”

Niovi Patsicakis

“I care most about my community and the students in our schools.”

Kirsty Peterson

“I care most about Community Engagement.”

Baljit Sabharwal

“I care most about providing our young children with good education because they are our future.”

Sara Sharma

“She chooses to work with children because they are our future.”

Jonathan Silveira

“Jonathan Silveira believes Surrey Kids Matter and understands the value of investing in education for the future.”

Harman Singh

“I care most about valuing each and every person of our community and recognizing the roles that they each play in making this city a great place to live in.”

Forrest Smith

“I believe in being effective and efficient so we don’t just talk – just do it if possible.”

Julie Tapley

“I care most about creating equal access to opportunities.”

Garry Thind

“I strongly believe that education system is paramount to building strong communities.”

Gary Tymoschuk

“I care deeply about the education that the students in Surrey receive.”

Shawn Wilson

“I care most about improving student learning and increasing graduation completion rates for all students.”

Source: www.surrey.ca

The 2014 civic election is Nov. 15. Make sure you get out there and vote.

Sukh Johal
With a background in sales, security and real estate development, Sukh is a political strategist excelling in community organizing, fundraising and civic affairs. He enjoys performing and has appeared as a background performer in Hollywood productions. Sukh grew up on the tough streets of Dunoon, Scotland before moving to Canada at age 10 and brings a unique perspective to Surrey604. He speaks his mind, and believes social media can be a force for good. Sukh has been a control agent for President Obama’s Inaugural Celebration team in Washington DC and spoke on interfaith affairs at the White House. A member of the Surrey Board of Trade’s International Trade Team and Vancouver Board of Trade’s Company of Young Professionals, Sukh is also past President and current VP Public Relations of Surrey Civic Speechmeisters Toastmasters Club at City Hall and VP of the Multifaith Action Society of BC, an interfaith organization promoting grassroots diplomacy, cooperation and goodwill.