Watch “Action Hero” Candidate Kal Dosanjh Fight Crime on TV Reality Show

Surrey Candidate Kal Dosanjh Fight Crime on TV Reality Show
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Policeman Kal Dosanjh Now Running For Council With Rasode’s “One Tough Mother” One Surrey Team

Kal Dosanjh is a tough Vancouver Cop who is now running for Surrey City Council with Barinder Rasode’s One Surrey team. Back in 2012, Dosanjh appeared in several episodes of OLN reality TV series “The Beat”. The Beat followed the gritty, high-octane action of the Vancouver Police Department’s elite squad: the Beat Enforcement Team.

The show provided a front row seat to in-your-face confrontations as the officers patrol Vancouver’s infamous Downtown Eastside community – a breeding ground for drug abuse, prostitution, mental illness, and violent crime.

Watch musclebound officer Dosanjh in action below (3 videos):



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