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Ladies Who Lunch and Living Your Life Without Limits

It has been nearly a year since I first interviewed CEO and Founder of Ladies Who Lunch, Maria Kritikos. I am thrilled, and still cannot believe how much the network has grown in such a short period of time!

With nearly 5,000 Facebook likes and 150 members, the network has grown and gotten much local recognition, and for a good reason!

It is a place for women to empower and inspire one another, all while enjoying some lunch and a glass of wine. Entrepreneurs, journalists, lifestyle coaches, business owners, you name it! All come together and help build each other’s dreams through conversation and collaboration.

“We call it the ‘LWL’ network which of course stands for ‘Ladies Who Lunch,’ but it also stands for ‘Life Without Limits…[It is] women with a dream…with a goal, supporting other women to discover their passion…and essentially make a difference in the world,” says Kritikos.

Ladies Who Lunch

The network first started out with the live events that are also the signature events, but will also start holding monthly mixers. The mixers are more casual and interactive.

At the live events a topic is chosen, and different female speakers speak on that topic.

“Of course we [also] network, we make connections, we have a lot of fun, and yes we have lunch!” Says Kritikos.

If you want to learn how to “Live Your Life Without Limits,” and how to be “Fearless and Fabulous,” make sure to check out the events! For ticket and membership information visit www.LadiesWhoLunch.ca 

Other Recent Projects

Mastermind With Maria

Six female entrepreneurs from around the world get together virtually once a week for two hours to help each other with their businesses. www.MastermindWithMaria.com

Hangout With Maria

Will be an online show that is soon to launch in January of 2015. Maria Kritikos will be interviewing inspiring women mostly in the field of entrepreneurship. The women will give inspirational business advice, and also give tips and strategies on how to become a successful entrepreneur. www.HangoutWithMaria.com

Lunch With Maria Podcast

Is a series of twenty interviews Maria Kritikos conducted earlier this year. It was called the “Fearless and Fabulous Telesummit.” Kritikos chose twenty inspiring individuals, all who gave inspiring business advice. The series “Dishing Inspirational Business Advice, One Podcast at a Time” will be coming out soon on iTunes.



Blake Sebastian entered the Film and Television industry at the age of 17. Now in his mid-twenties, he has been involved in radio, lifestyle/reality TV shows and factual docu-series. Blake has been involved in over a dozen different shows and holds a two-year diploma in Broadcast Journalism from BCIT.