TravelSmart Site Educates Vancouverites on Sustainable Transportation Options

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As the population continues to grow in Metro Vancouver, so has traffic congestion. Chances are, if you drove to work, or school this morning, you were stuck in traffic at some point during the commute.

This is where TravelSmart comes in! We already have a great transit system in place, but there are other methods of sustainable travel options to explore. Have you considered biking to your destination? What about setting up a carpool with your colleagues?

TravelSmart has tips and tricks on how to change the way you travel. Their new website is here to educate Vancouverites on sustainable transportation options, such as carpooling, cycling, walking, and carsharing. Here are some of the things you can find on the website:

  1. Tips and tricks to make it easier for you to walk, cycle, carpool, carshare, and take transit
  2. Real life TravelSmart stories from readers
  3. Contests and chances to win prizes
  4. Listings of community events where you can meet the TravelSmart team
  5. Online resources, maps, and tools to help you boost your TravelSmarts
  6. Tidbits about sustainable travel from the local community and around the globe

The goal of the website is to create a community for conversation about transportation in Metro Vancouver. Habitual changes take time, and the first step starts with learning about other options that are available. No one expects you to completely change how you travel, but being informed never hurt!

Join the movement, and make the change for good.

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Daman Beatty
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