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Yo! Vancity Laughs Vol.7 – Hip Hop Comedy at Yuk Yuk’s – Nov 10

Yo! Vancity Laughs - Hip Hop Comedy at Yuk Yuk’s - Nov 10

Coming off a SOLD OUT October show, hip hop comedy is back at Yuk Yuk’s Nov 10!

Yo! Vancity Laughs at Yuk Yuk’s Comedy club is Vancouver’s premier melting pot of hip hop and stand up comedy. Canada’s hottest comedians, along with a live DJ, provide unique perspectives on the genre, where audiences don’t need to love rap to laugh at it. While the hype is real, the hosts are not — parody rap duo Game Genies keep it turnt up, spitting hilarious satirical musical interludes. This original night of hip hop hilarity is not to be slept on, for real.

The next show is Monday, November 10 at Yuk Yuk’s comedy club in the Cambie Village (2837 Cambie). This month features Simon King, Katie-Ellen Humphries, James Kennedy, Brendan Bourque, and Sunee Dhaliwal, with DJ Alex Smith and Game Genies. Arrive early for doors and music at 7pm, and share a bucket of beer before curtains at 8pm.

sunee-d comedy
Sunee Dhaliwal has done this show before, and crushed every time! His name is on the rise, selling out shows regularly, with comedy that suits our theme perfectly; this dude knows raps and jokes. Come see Sunee represent the South Surrey Cartel Monday November 10 at YukYuk’s Yo! Vancity Laughs vol.7. Plus Follow Sunee on Twitter: @SunnyDComedy

Catch Sunee TONIGHT in Surrey: Stand Up! The Original Tandoori Kings of Comedy!

Katie-Ellen Humphries is one of the baddest bitches in Canadian comedy. She may be an absolute delight to be around, but she’s also straight gangsta with jokes.
Come see Katie Set it Off Monday November 10 at YukYuk’s Yo! Vancity Laughs vol.7. Plus follow Katie on Twitter: @MsKatieEllen

Simon King
Simon King aka Busta Jokes, screams comedic intensity. One of the top comics in Canada, Simon tours and performs with more Juice than 2pac and the Kool Aid Man. Catch him live Monday November 10 spittin’ hot rap jokes at YukYuk’s for Yo! Vancity Laughs vol.7. Follow Simon on Twitter: @unfamous

brendan bourque
Brendan Bourque is Vancouver comedy’s Nino Brown, handing out stage time like thanksgiving turkeys. Besides performing consistently and running open mics for comics to work out, he hosts the long-running weekly comedy show Vainglorious.
He’ll be getting his New Jack on Monday, November 10. Also, follow him on Twitter: @BrendanBourque2

james kennedy
James Kennedy has been ripping it up this year. He won both the “People’s Champ”, and the “Yuk Off” at Yuk Yuk’s Vancouver, and has just returned from touring Alberta. He was away for the October show, but the boy’z n the hood for November 10th. Follow him on Twitter: @jimmykcomedy

Daman Beatty
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