Turning Your Traumas Into Triumphs: Interview with #1 Best Selling Author, Callie Kares

Over the last 16 years, #1 Best Selling Author, Transformational Coach, and Wellness Consultant, Callie Kares, has been transforming lives.

About two years ago, Kares revealed a personal story not many knew about. When she was 20 years old she miraculously healed after having been shot point blank in the spine by an ex-boyfriend. She regained the use of her legs after having been left paralyzed from the waist down.

“[It’s] a story that I had a lot of shame around, and didn’t think it was important for me to share. However, as I broaden my spectrum, I realized that I could help a lot of people by sharing the fact of where I was, to where I am now,” says Kares.

She is a believer in the law of attraction, and says her certainty and believe in recovery, manifested into reality.

“The doctor said to me…‘there’s a chance that you may gain some use of your legs back,’ and when I heard the use of the word ‘chance,’ I took it as a certainty. There was no other option, the only option was that that’s what I was going to do.”

She now lives her life to help others turn their own traumas into their triumphs. She uses a holistic approach in her wellness consulting and life coaching, teaching others to heal through their mind and soul.

Kares is also the Founder of Life Enhancement Wellness Services, offering holistic services throughout the Lower Mainland. Her team services athletes, celebrities, and corporations.

callie kares interview
Maria Rozo interviews Callie Kares.

Her inspirational story is in the #1 Bestseller, Pebbles in the Pond (Wave Two).

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