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Bernard Noir Chocolate Boutique in Coal Harbour

Bernard Noir Chocolate Boutique

Nestled in the business district of Coal Harbour lies Bernard Noir Chocolate Boutique. Don’t let the name fool you into thinking that they only specialize in chocolates.

Owners, Bernard and Yutta, bring a homey European café serving savoury soups and sandwiches, delectable pastries, and of course, chocolates. Originally from Germany, Bernard and Yutta moved to Vancouver in 2009.

Being a professionally trained chef, Yutta wanted to pursue her passion in food and dessert. With Bernard’s vision, they opened a chocolate boutique, serving as an outlet for Yutta to express her creativity in specialty baguettes, homemade European pastries and their love for chocolates.


For those who love chocolates, Bernard Noir Chocolate Boutique offers a wide selection from various places around the world. In the chilled showcase, they offer chocolates from France and Germany, as well as their own recipe made with local chocolate.

I personally enjoyed their own chocolate! But to understand the difference, I recommend visiting and having a piece from each country. This will allow you to discover how strong of a cocoa flavour you desire. For more options, they have packaged chocolates from Brazil and Switzerland. If you want to try something unique, give the chocolate covered gooseberries a try!

IMG_5243If you’re ever wandering around Coal Harbour and you get that feeling of hunger, make your way over to Bernard Noir Chocolate Boutique and be prepared to enjoy a homemade meal.

From fresh baguettes and homemade soups, I am sure you will be satisfied. Without a doubt, you must try Yutta’s Tomato soup. It is a velvety rich tomato soup with the slightest hint of coconut milk. It is the best tomato soup I’ve ever had. Look no further if you want a quaint place to enjoy a quick snack or a cup of coffee. Come in and experience their wonderful assortment of pastries.

They have classics like croissants, tarts, waffles and cupcakes, all freshly made in-house. Wondering what classic German pastries are like? You’re in luck as Yutta has brought her recipe for Spelt bread and during the holidays, Stollen. A German pastry containing raisins and marzipan. Perhaps, desiring a snack to accompany a cup of tea, their macarons are a must try. Made to perfection, they are firm and with a slight crunch on the outside. As you bite into the macaron, it begins to crumble and becomes buttery.

The centre is filled with jelly containing the essence of the flavour of your choice. While there I had the passion fruit and earl grey flavoured macarons. Both were simply fantastic. The passion fruit was sweet and subtle and not at all overpowering. The earl tea was even better. It is literally a superb combination of tea and biscuit in a single bite.


Bernard Noir Chocolate Boutique is a hidden gem in Coal Harbour. I hope that you take the opportunity to visit and enjoy all that Bernard and Yutta have to offer.

Jon Ng
Jon's interests are in food, sports, comics, movies and TV shows. Thanks to his parents being so open to diversity, Jon learned at an early age to appreciate and enjoy the flavourful dishes from around the world. Having worked at several restaurants, Jon is armed with a hearty stomach and an open palate. Inspired by Drive-Ins, Diners & Dives, Eat St. and The Best I've Ever Had, Jon will showcase the exquisite, multicultural menu that the Lower Mainland has to offer. Catch him on the next episode of Surrey604's Total BS.