“Can You Own Your Name?”

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Metta World Peace. Chad Ochocinco. Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rock. Legal name changes and registered trademarks. Is this legal trickery or a legitimate attempt at building and preserving a brand? Did you know that Freddie Mercury of Queen was born “Farrokh Bulsara” and he changed his name to conceal his Parsi heritage? Steven Tyler of Aerosmith changed his name from Stephen Tallarico to increase his promotional appeal as did Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen was born “Carlos Irwin Estevez.” Kal Penn from the popular movie, “Harold and Kumar” also changed his name from “Kalpen Modi” for career purposes.

Many celebrities and corporations own their names, business logos, symbols and particular sounds. Everything from Julia Roberts’ name, the Nike “swoosh,” and the NBC chimes have been trademarked. Morgan Freeman trademarked his name in 2005 after a company by the name of Mighty LLC used his name to divert traffic to a commercial search engine. Ralph Lauren registered his name as a trademark in 1972.

Donna Karan successfully sued a man who registered her domain name in bad faith. Many celebrities (A-list through to Z-list) are today licensing the use of their name to companies who produce popular consumer products such as perfume, clothing and jewelry.

A recent bizarre court case in Alberta dealt with the issue of whether one can own their name. In Bank of Montreal v. Rogozinsky, the defendant used a BMO MasterCard for 15 years, made payments on it and then suddenly ceased making payments. BMO sued the defendant for an outstanding balance of over $27,000 plus interest. The defendant counterclaimed against BMO for $6,000,000 for trademark and copyright infringement. Ms. Rogozinsky claimed she was not a legal resident of Alberta and that slavery was illegal. Not sure how that last argument related to her case! Not surprisingly, the Alberta Queen’s Bench dismissed Ms. Rogozinsky’s claim.

Can you really own your name? The simple answer is “Yes” if your name satisfies certain criteria for it to be registered as a trademark with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. One of the most important assets your business possesses is its brand. It represents your company’s reputation and the quality of the products and services associated with your brand. When customers connect your products and services to your brand you gain from customer loyalty and repeat sales.

In Canada, the way to protect your brand is to register it as a trademark. Registration protects your trademark from misuse and gives you the exclusive rights to use it throughout Canada for a period of 15 years. Registrations can be renewed for subsequent time periods.

Be diligent. Always protect your brand.

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