The Cuddlery Experience

WATCH: Sukh Johal and Daman Beatty from Surrey604 take you on a journey to experience the Cuddlery, a Vancouver based cuddlers-for-hire business, now serving Surrey, BC.

Sukh Johal Surrey604 Cuddling at the Cuddlery in Vancouver

Here is Sukh’s account of his experience with the Cuddlery.

Diary of a Cuddler

By Sukh Johal

It was my first time ever cuddling. I had prepared myself for all I could from the cuddle I was going to receive later on that day. Something inside of me said this was going to be more than just a big long hug. This was going to be one interesting investigation.

I had lifted some weights earlier that day, and ran to exert some energy so I could prepare myself to receive the warmth and energy of the stranger that I was going to get extremely close with. I did my usual head to toe blood flow stretch with spiritual music on and some incense. Essentially, the goal was to wake up my senses, get the blood flowing as well as my energy points on my body. I was ready…

I was genuinely interested in finding out what this would be like since I’ve never cuddled with a stranger before, never mind cuddled anybody in the last 7 years… Hey, Why not? I’m open to learning more about a hug, I mean a hug is a physical expression of caring, sharing and love. It’s all good right? Of course. I was also interested in exploring what it would be like to meditate during this physical contact with another being of the opposite sex. Was I going to transcend my usual levels of intense focus and clarity. Was I going to get to a higher state of consciousness? Enter the mind of a cuddler.

When me and Daman met with Marylen Reid, the creator of The Cuddlery cuddlers service, in a swanky downtown Vancouver hotel, we connected right away. Our comfort levels seemed calm and we carried a smooth conversation. I found out she was from Quebec and had much experience and successes in her life including executive roles working for the European Union. I could tell that she had a mystic side to her and I was going to find out in a most intimate way. She had dark hair, was tall and courteous. Her journey has led her to provide a service that is about helping people and spreading the love. Not just a hug but a cuddle. Once Daman left the room, Marylen and I spoke about the process of signing the contract and what usually happens when first time and regular clients come for their session.

After trying many different positions, I started to realize the power of human touch and warmth. I wanted to experiment and meditate during most of the session transporting myself into a zen-like state and that’s what I did. As a daily meditator I felt a real sense of comfort, warmth and peace. It was not sexual whatsoever – even though some of the positions felt really good. Arousal was short lived and briefly awkward, then once I was settled my focus was on the actual experience and actually living in the moment.

A hug can be a sign of affection but for some it is part of foreplay. You actually get to realize the warmth, comfort and feeling of a hug. A real sign of affection, a physical show of love. There was a real feeling of calm. I wanted to feel as much affection and positive energy as I could during this session. It was important for me to feel comfortable and really live in and experience the moment. Something we as human beings are forgetting more and more. I know that silence and stillness can be invaluable so I wanted to incorporate it into the cuddle.

During my 1 hour session I actually had a child-like experience. I felt transported back to that baby cradled in my mother’s arms. There were times I felt like a child and totally let go of myself. As human beings, if we can learn to really live in the moment, we will have so much more serenity and a develop a genuine kindness. A feeling of physical connection with others doesn’t just have to be about sex. Our physical bodies are only ours for so long. When you die, your soul leaves the lifeless body. We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, but spiritual beings on a human journey.

So how did I feel at the end of my session? Anyone who has ever done yoga or got an acupressure massage knows and appreciates the feeling when your mind is numb and your body feels so relaxed. I was in a state of calm.

We know that hugging and cuddling is empowering and reduces stress and blood pressure but can also help you and your partner communicate better.

The question is in the long term, how can regular cuddle sessions affect one’s mental and physical health. How does it affect well-being? Can it reduce heart disease?

Overall, this was a positive experience and I would recommend a study done on this to further the overall health of men and women.

Go ahead, try it with your loved one. Put some quality time aside with no interruptions and hold each other close. Really feel each other’s presence enhancing your awareness together. Let yourselves go, clearing the mind. I promise you it will be a pleasant experience,


Sukh Johal

Daman Beatty
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